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Category: InfiniBand

Nanoseconds, Stubborn SAS, and Other Takeaways from the Flash Memory Summit 2019

Every year at the Flash Memory Summit held in Santa Clara, CA, attendees get a firsthand look at the technologies that will impact the next generation of storage. This year many of the innovations centered on forthcoming interconnects that will better deliver on the performance that flash offers today. Here are DCIG’s main takeaways from this year’s event.

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Gemini X-series Delivers Painless Scale-out to Enterprises and Cloud Service Providers; Interview with Thomas Isakovich, Nimbus Data Systems, Inc. Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Part 3

In this final blog entry from our interview with Nimbus Data CEO and Founder Thomas Isakovich, we discuss his company’s latest product, the Gemini X-series. We explore the role of the Flash Director and how it Gemini X-series appeals to enterprises as well as cloud service providers.

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Gemini X All Flash Scale-Out Storage Ready to Replace HDD as Enterprise Tier One; Interview with Thomas Isakovich, Nimbus Data Systems, Inc. Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Part 1

Recognized as an innovator in storage system technology, Thomas Isakovich sat down with DCIG to discuss the development, capabilities, and innovation in Nimbus Data’s latest release: the Gemini X. In this first blog entry, he guides us through the development of the X-series, and where he sees it fitting into the current market.

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The Ways in Which Flash Memory Appliances will Impact How Organizations Buy and Manage Storage

As DCIG makes its final preparations for the release of its inaugural Purpose-Built Flash Memory Appliance Buyer’s Guide, we have had a number of conversations internally about what the criteria for product inclusion and exclusion in this Buyer’s Guide will be. As we do so, our conversation almost always turns to ways in which these purpose-built flash memory appliances will impact organizations and their decision making and buying habits.

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SSDs: Challenges, Opportunities and “Gotchas”

However, during the many presentations that I attended and conversations that I had about this technology, SSD vendors revealed some key “gotchas” about SSDs. They also shared how SSDs stand to impact the hard disk drive (HDD) market as well as the market for memory as well. So here, in no particular order, are some of the new challenges and opportunities that SSDs create as well as what to watch out for.

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Gartner Analyst Sees VMware Security as Immature; Wachovia Decouples Processing and I/O; Flashbacks to the Fall IBTA

As I write this blog entry, I am currently on a flight to New York City to attend the last day of the fall 2008 Storage Decisions conference. While I intend to post a blog entry about my experiences at SD this Friday, the flight is giving me some time to go back to last week and share some additional thoughts and insights I gained while attending the InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) Tech Forum in Las Vegas on Monday, Sept 15. While infiniband was obviously covered as part of this forum, it was done so in the larger context of what virtualizing the corporate infrastructure means and how that will contribute to how companies construct and manage their data centers in the future.

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Cisco Bows Out of Infiniband; Appliances Join the Virtual World; Notes from Day 2 at VMworld

Day 2 at VMworld has come and gone and probably my biggest regret was that I had to miss this morning’s keynote by VMware’s new CEO, Paul Maritz. In reading through some other blogs this evening about the event and assuming Storagezilla called it right, it was a doozey essentially declaring open war on other operating systems. In any case, my day was focused on catching up with a number of vendors to get some of the latest behind the scenes scoop in the storage world. In fact, as one walks into the exhibitor hall in VMworld, it is hard not to mistake this conference for a storage conference.

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Day 1 at VMworld Begins with a Look at the Future Pain of Server Virtualization: Attending the IBTA Tech Forum

It’s day one at VMworld in Las Vegas and while the day for me began in Omaha NE at 4:30 am CST before landing in Las Vegas around 7:30 am PST, I did not join the throngs basking in the VMworld love fest. Instead I spent the day educating myself more about the topic of Infiniband by attending the InfiniBand Trade Association’s (IBTA) annual tech forum that was held at Harrahs (Harrahs is adjacent to The Venetian where VMworld is being held). The reason that I elected to first attend the IBTA Tech Forum and not VMworld is simple. Everyone already knows that server virtualization is the BIG thing. What everyone doesn’t know or understand is why Infiniband is making a case to become the next big thing in another form of virtualization: Virtualizating server I/O.

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Exploration into Infiniband

I believe a new way on thinking should be applied to the deployment on Infiniband technology in the storage landscape. Most of you probably think of Infiniband as predominately a backend transport for storage, and/or the interconnection mechanism for high compute clusters (HPC). Or, “Oh yeah, I heard something about that 5-6 years ago, isn’t that only used in super-computing or giant research labs?”

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