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A Peek Beneath the Covers of the New Nexsan: Interview with Nexsan’s CEO Robert Fernander, Part 1

What is old is new again and perhaps nowhere does that adage hold more true than with Nexsan. Having once been a standalone company before being acquired by Imation a few years ago, Nexsan is now back as a storage company with Imation operating in the background as a holding company. In this first installment in my interview series with him, Nexsan CEO Robert Fernander provides some details on the “new” Nexsan as well as provides an overview as to what products new and old that organizations can now expect to find as part of its product portfolio.

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Capitalize on the New Corporate Drive to Archive

Organizations rarely get excited about the prospect of archiving their data to either meet a legislated data retention requirement or satisfy some compliance mandate. Yet as organizations archive their data, new opportunities emerge to lower their storage costs as well as derive more value from their archived data. Using the Nexsan Assureon v7 platform, organizations can capitalize on their archival data stores by driving down storage costs even as they position themselves to glean more value from their archived data stores

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Nexsan NST5000 Gives Storage Industry Seal of Approval Equivalent to eMLC Drives

Flash memory is fundamentally changing the metrics around how performance on storage arrays is measured with IOPs reaching into the tens or hundreds of thousands – even over a million in some tests. Despite these results, many organizations remain reticent to use solid state drives (SSDs) because of persistent questions about their reliability, especially around eMLC drives. These concerns are largely put to rest as the inclusion of eMLC drives in the new Nexsan NST5000 unified hybrid storage array gives these drives the storage industry’s equivalent of a seal of approval.

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Optical’s Costs and Uncertainties Driving SMBs to RDX-based Solutions

Optical media’s 100 year life span earns it top marks among all media from a longevity perspective. But as optical media’s cost per GB soars and manufacturing ranks thin, its future looks dismal at best. In its place, removable disk technology (RDX) makes a strong case for small and midsized businesses (SMB) to use it in lieu of optical.

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Implementing a Good Backup Process Is as Simple as “3 – 2 – 1”

The introduction of disk as a backup target has finally resulted in what many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have wanted for years: a good copy of their backup data. Yet having a good copy of backup data on disk does not automatically mean they have put in place a good backup process. The good news is that creating a good backup process is as simple as “3 – 2 – 1.”

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Four Tips to Economically, Effectively and Efficiently Meet Today’s Complex Mix of Compliance Requirements

Most organizations already have more than enough on their plates in terms of simply trying to meet the day-to-day demands of their business. So the last thing many have time to deal with is the complex mix of both pre-existing and emerging regulations that govern how they access, maintain, retain and secure their records. Yet respond to these demands they must. Doing so begins by following four tips so they may address these concerns in an economical, efficient and effective fashion.

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The Emergence of the Agile, Affordable and Proven IT Infrastructure Technology for SMBs

Large organizations are putting new demands on their IT departments to deliver IT infrastructures that are more agile, make data protection a snap and facilitate the adoption of private and/or public clouds. However many small and midsized businesses (SMBs) still feel like they are on the outside looking in when it comes to achieving these objectives. Changing that requires they identify a technology that enables them to accomplish these objectives that neither breaks their budgets nor overwhelms their IT staff.

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Tips for Healthcare Organizations to Get on Fast Track to Successful Electronic Medical Records Implementations

Large or small, healthcare organizations recognize that the sooner they adopt and implement electronic medical records in their environment, the sooner they will realize its process efficiencies plus accelerate their ability to comply with a number of HIPAA regulations. However small and midsize healthcare organizations in particular first need to find room in their budget to pay for a back end storage solution before there is any chance electronic medical records becomes a reality for them. The Imation InfiniVault™ addresses their concerns as it provides them with a cost-effective solution for the long-term retention of their healthcare data while serving to simplify retention management and automating compliance, data protection and disaster recovery.

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