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Category: Grid Storage

DCIG Updating the Private Cloud Storage Array Buyer’s Guide

DCIG is in the process of researching the Private Cloud Storage Array marketplace with the intention of publishing the DCIG 2015-16 Private Cloud Storage Array Buyers Guide in March/April 2015. This will be an update to the DCIG 2013 Private Cloud Storage Array Buyers Guide. Since the publication of 2013 edition, nearly every vendor has come out with new models and new vendors have arrived on the scene warranting a fresh snapshot of this dynamic marketplace.

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Did Xiotech Over-Engineer Its Emprise Storage System? Insights from Day 2 at Chicago Storage Decisions

I started out the day with an hour-long briefing with Xiotech’s CTO Stephen J Sicola and Storage Architect Peter Selin. Xiotech has been talking up a storm about the ground-shaking importance of its new Intelligent Storage Elements (ISE) ever since Xiotech announced it at Storage Networking World about a month ago. However Xiotech and I have not had a chance to connect for me to take a close look at its architecture so Stephen and Peter spent some time talking me through it.

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Disk-Based Backup Does Not Equate to VTL; Insights from Day 1 at Storage Decisions in Chicago

Despite some of the rumors that were floating around that user attendance was down and not as many vendors were in attendance, I did not necessarily find that the case. I ran into Lindsay Mullen, TechTarget’s event coordinator, in the exhibit hall. She said that about 550 end-users had registered for the event and that she still expected another small influx of end-users on Wednesday. Also, in talking to other analysts and TechTarget editors who were in attendance, they said that all of the break-out sessions were full. The number of vendors exhibiting did, however, seem to be down from years past but not as much as I anticipated. Off-hand, I am guessing that the number of vendors exhibiting was about two-thirds of past events.

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