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Certainty Trumps End of Life for Technology Deployments in Edge Locations

Affordability, ease of deployment, and power and space constraints factor into product deployments at edge locations. However, some intangibles factor in more strongly with these types of deployments. Among them, organizations need certainty that they have deployed a highly available and reliable solution the provider will support.

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A Comparison How StorMagic SvSAN and Scale Computing HC3 Deliver on Enterprise Edge Requirements

StorMagic and Scale Computing represent two providers that each respectively offer solutions designed to meet the requirements of these smaller environments. Both these providers offer solutions that provide high levels of availability, performance, scalability, and support. They also each offer their solutions at price points attractive for deployment in these environments. The differences between these two solutions emerge in the flexibility they each give organizations to configure and manage them.

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Glitch is the Next Milestone in Recoveries

No business – and I mean no business – regardless of its size ever wants to experience an outage for any reason or duration. However, to completely avoid outages means spending money and, in most cases, a lot of money. That is why, when someone shared with me earlier this week, that one of their clients has put in place a solution that keeps their period of downtime to what appears as a ‘glitch’ to their end-users for nominal cost, it struck a chord with me.

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Companies Can Have Higher Confidence in their High Availability/Clustering Software Today Than Ever Before

The biggest reasons organizations have implemented HA/Clustering solutions in their environment is to provide immediate / real-time failover of an application stack that is critical to business operations. Along with this is the innate ability it provides to protect their data and servers from a location specific event (a disaster causing outage to a facility or components within that facility.)

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