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Category: Cloud Backup

Four Cloud Backup Traps

More organizations than ever look to general purpose or public cloud providers to host their applications and data. As they do, they often identify and understand the type of cloud service or service they plan to procure. They also need to go one step further. They must also identify how to best back up and recover the applications and data they host in the cloud lest they fall into one of four common cloud backup traps.

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The Two Categories of Office 365 Backup Software

Organizations looking to protect data stored in Microsoft Office 365 should follow new rules to select the best solution. In so doing, organizations should also recognize two broad categories of Office 365 backup software exist from which to choose. One category consists of subscription, cloud-based SaaS offerings. The other category encompasses enterprise backup software solutions that offer Office 365 backup as an add-on option.

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New Rules for Selecting Office 365 Backup Software

The number of organizations that have adopted or plan to adopt Microsoft Office 365 online continues to climb. Yet as organizations adopt Office 365, they should make another similarly important decision: protecting the data they store in it. To select the most appropriate software to back it up, organizations should choose following a new set of rules.

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DCIG TOP 5 AWS and Azure Cloud Backup Webinar

DCIG President and Founder, Jerome Wendt, will share the results of DCIG’s research into AWS and Azure cloud backup solutions. Beginning at 1 pm ET on October 21, 2020, TruthinIT will present this DCIG TOP 5 webinar. Based on DCIG’s analysis into over 30 cloud backup providers, it will reveal the TOP 5 AWS and Azure solutions.

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Close the Data Protection Gap in GCP with Better Backups at a Lower Cost

Backing up applications and data in general-purpose clouds present a new challenge that many backup solutions remain ill-equipped to handle. They often have not yet matured to capitalize on the specific administrative and data protection features that these clouds offer.
The “newer” the cloud, the more likely organizations will encounter this issue. If using Amazon Web Services (AWS), organizations may be less likely to encounter this challenge. Multiple backup products support backing up VMs in AWS and can leverage AWS’s available features.

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