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Tips to Choosing the Right Tape Library for Use with Big Data and Cloud Initiatives (Webcast)

The factors that influenced which tape library to use in your environment used to be much simpler in nature when tape was used primarily as a backup target. But as disk has evolved to assume that role, tape libraries have evolved to provide new features so they may assume a much more strategic position within organizations to support their Big Data and Cloud initiatives. In this webcast, I take a look at how to choose the right tape library for your environment in light of these new forces that are impacting the use of tape libraries within organizations.

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Virtual Federated Data Stores are an Attractive Alternative to Massive Central Data Stores

An integrated and centralized data store model that enables stakeholders from throughout an organization to harvest and analyze data on the same platform continues to be the goal of many organizations from the Global 2000 as they strive to address the requirements of Big Data. However, with today’s decentralized and cloud based storage systems and data storage requirements for the Global 2000 reaching the petabyte and even exabyte levels, massive centralized single data store infrastructures with single points of failure such as Apache Hadoop may not the most effective long term solution.

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Five Initial Steps to Take to Meet the Governance, Risk and Compliance Obligations Brought on by Today’s Big Data File Stores

The accelerating increase in the amount of unstructured Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is leaving IT organizations struggling with how to store and manage all of this new information. Aside from needing to provide the underlying storage infrastructure to host this amount of data, companies are also faced with the task of properly managing their Big Data file stores to meet both existing and emerging governance, risk and compliance (GRC) obligations. To do so, there are five initial steps they can take now to get their organization in front of these demands.

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A Mid-Year Look at the Top Technology Trends So Far in 2012

To say with any degree of certainty what technologies will be hot in the next 6 – 12 months generally takes equal amounts of smarts and industry insight coupled with a little bit of luck sprinkled in to get it right. So as I compare what I forecast earlier this year to what I see taking place now, I was certainly right on some points but premature in predicting others. So today with the midpoint of 2012 upon us, I thought I would take a look at the five specific technology trends impacting organizations right now.

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Boosting Transactional Performance with the Fusion-io SDK Kit; Interview with Fusion-io Sr Director Product Mgt Brent Compton Part II

The deployment of flash memory storage as either storage or memory almost inevitably results in increases in application performance. However to get the real ‘kick’ in performance that today’s transactional applications need and which flash can provide, a more elegant approach to flash’s deployment is needed. Today I continue my discussion with Fusion-io Senior Director of Product Management, Brent Compton, who elaborates on the APIs that the Fusion ioMemory SDK exposes that make this boost in transactional performance possible.

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Fusion-io SDK Kit Unleashes Next Gen Properties of Flash; Interview with Fusion-io’s Brent Compton Part I

Last week developers of enterprise applications got some new toys to play with in the storage memory realm. The newly released ioMemory SDK will grant developers the ability to better utilize the potential of Fusion-io’s line of enterprise flash memory storage. Fusion-io expects the SDK will simplify code bases while providing a sizable performance boost. We begin our discussion with Brent Compton, Senior Director of Product Management with Fusion-io.

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DCIG Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG) Delivers First of a Kind Research as a Service for Enterprise Technology Buyers

We live in the information age where data is being produced at rates that almost boggle the mind. But living in the age of Big Data does not translate into this data being easily available and digestible. The new DCIG Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG) fundamentally addresses this basic organizational need by delivering information about enterprise technologies in the form of Research as a Service.

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Amazon Fixes Dropbox Enterprise Gap; File Share and Synch Takes Off

Amazon announced their Storage Gateway (beta) on January 25th, about two days before my article on VMWare and Citrix squaring off in the “Dropbox for Enteprise” market. In my article I noted that VMWare and Citrix are exploiting a based limitation of Dropbox, Evernote and Box introduced by supporting a Consumerization of IT (CoIT) product. Consumer-based file-share-and-synch applications cannot be installed in a company’s data center. As file-share-synch drives cloud adoption in the enterprise, vendors emerge from all corners.

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Network Security Performance Tuning by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part II

Network security monitoring is a constantly changing environment of both tools and methodologies. Most of them today, however, have used a lone “cowboy” mentality where datacenter solutions operate independently. MetaFlows is changing that. Today, I am continuing my interview with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, discussing how their product is optimizing network security monitoring and performance.

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