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Jerome Wendt

CEO and principal data protection analyst, DCIG, LLC.

Jerome Wendt currently serves as the CEO and Principal Data Protection Analyst of DCIG, LLC, which he founded in 2007. Mr. Wendt is an avid writer who has written thousands of articles that have appeared in multiple magazines, on-line publications, and websites. Mr. Wendt is recognized as one of the foremost technology analysts in the enterprise data storage and data protection industries. Mr. Wendt covers topics related to enterprise and cloud infrastructures to include all-flash and hybrid arrays, cloud computing, cloud storage, data protection, hyperconverged infrastructures, and software-defined storage (SDS).

Since founding DCIG, Mr. Wendt originated and developed the processes and methodologies that went into the creation of the DCIG Buyer’s Guides and TOP 5 reports. The first DCIG Buyer’s Guide was released in 2010 with millions of copies of the DCIG Buyer’s Guides and TOP 5 reports having been distributed worldwide. The Buyer’s Guides and TOP 5 reports have assisted decision makers in properly evaluating and classifying key enterprise data center technologies. The DCIG Buyer’s Guides and TOP 5 reports are widely recognized and used by information technology professionals who view them as the “go-to” source if looking to understand where a product best fits in their enterprise infrastructure.

Prior to founding DCIG, Mr. Wendt served as storage engineer working for First Data Corp. He also has written and contributed to leading publications to include ComputerWorld, Disaster Recovery Journal,, InfoStor, IT Central Station,, and Storage Magazine, among others. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems in 1995 from Washburn University (Topeka, KS) and a bachelor’s degree in Theology in 1990 from Ambassador University (now merged with Azusa Pacific University) in Pasadena, CA. More recently, Mr. Wendt was certified as an Amazon Cloud Solutions Architect. When away from work, he enjoys bowling, camping, fishing and playing Sudoku.

Lastest Posts By Jerome Wendt

AdobeStock 67553551 HA Knob Resized

More NAS Backup Targets Offer HA with Benefits

Not so long ago, using network attached storage (NAS) backup targets with highly available (HA) configurations were rarely considered. Even if a NAS backup target offered HA, it sold at a significant premium. Fast forward to today. Organizations now have multiple providers that offer affordable NAS backup targets with HA from which to choose. However, organizations must carefully consider their options as controller configurations on these NAS backup targets can vary significantly.

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AdobeStock 313337720 Spotlight Resized

Cyber Security and Resilience Redefining Today’s 100+ Disk-based Backup Target Models

Until quite recently organizations largely defined disk-based backup targets by three characteristics. How fast they backed up data, their data deduplication ratios, and the data protection protocols they offered and/or supported. While these attributes still matter, organizations increasingly prioritize new cyber security and resilience features when acquiring disk-based backup targets.

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Acronis 2023 11 01 Webinar Image

Fortifying the Microsoft Stack: A Webinar Featuring DCIG and Acronis

Most organizations already run Microsoft OSes on-premises and must support and protect the applications and data hosted on them. However, many more already use Microsoft 365 with a growing number of these organizations hosting applications and data in Microsoft Azure. This diversity puts new pressure on IT within organizations and managed service providers (MSPs) that support them. They must secure these multiple Microsoft platforms and protect the applications and data hosted on them. In this webinar, DCIG’s Principal Data Protection Analyst, Jerome Wendt, joins Acronis to discuss these challenges and how to respond to them.

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Cyber Security Advancements for NonStop Backup and Storage Management: A Webinar with DCIG and ETI-NET

Organizations that need continuous business and 100 percent fault tolerance in their on-premises IT environments continue to turn to HPE NonStop systems. However, even NonStop systems face new threats from ransomware attacks. These threats demand that organizations put in place a robust data protection solution behind their NonStop deployment. To discuss this challenge and how ETI-NET BACKBOX with Integrated QoreStor can help, DCIG’s Principal Data Protection Analyst, Jerome Wendt, joins with ETI-NET’s Director, Mike Mitsch, and Pyalla Tech’s CEO, Richard Buckle, for a webinar on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, at 11 am EDT.

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