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Fusion-io’s Take on EMC’s VFCache (Formerly Known as ‘Project Lightning’); Interview with Fusion-io CMO Rick White Part V

EMC’s VFCache announcement caused a lot of the buzz in the storage industry a few months ago as it was seen by some to be done in direct response to Fusion-io’s very disruptive ioMemory architecture. Today in the conclusion of my interview series with Fusion-io’s CMO Rick White, he provides his take on EMC’s recent VFcache announcement and how he sees this impacting both Fusion-io and EMC. (Editor’s Note: This interview with Rick was conducted when EMC’s VFCache was still known as “Project Lightning.”)

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Server-based Flash Poised to Change the Data Center; Interview with Fusion-io CMO Rick White Part I

This past Monday EMC created a fair amount of buzz in the storage industry with its VFCache announcement that in essence validates the emergence of server-based flash technology in the enterprise. But does EMC VFCache go far enough? Fusion-io, who arguably invented this space, argues, “Definitely not!” In this first of a multi-part interview series with Fusion-io’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rick White, we talk about server-based flash technology and why it is poised to change enterprise data centers.

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IBM Active Cloud Engine Doesn’t Support Cloud, but Maybe in 2012

IBM briefed DCIG on the details around its October Active Cloud Engine product announcement on Wednesday, November 16, of this past week. The briefing covered three functional areas, two products, one statement of direction and ironically nothing about the cloud. However, IBM deserves kudos for making a big change to its scale out NAS (SONAS) product during its Active Cloud Engine product announcement.

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Symantec Experiencing a Time of Profound Meaningful Change

As part of his opening remarks during his keynote on Tuesday morning, Symantec’s CEO Enrique Salem shared a comment that was made to him by a Symantec user, “We are in the middle of a time of profound meaningful change.” Truer words were never spoken as enterprises of all sizes are facing a broad spectrum of technology changes that are unequaled in this modern era of computing.

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What “The Terminator” and Storage Virtualization Have in Common

One of my favorite all time movies is The Terminator. It is one of those timeless classics whose video was less than optional, it had some cheesy special effects and it contained dialog that was highlighted by “I’ll be back.” Yet despite these flaws what carried The Terminator and still makes it popular to this day was its compelling story line.

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Top 10 DCIG Blog Entries of 2010 – #8 – #10

This is one of my favorite times of the year as I look back on some of the most popular blog entries on DCIG’s site in the past year based on the number of page views. What makes it so intriguing for me is that it is similar to looking at a big wrapped gift under the Christmas tree and not knowing exactly what is in it. Every year I am never completely sure until this week which blog entries which will make up the Top Ten on DCIG’s site as the most read. This year is no exception.

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Can Fibre Channel (FC) Go the Distance?

We can all get caught up in the hoopla of new and slick storage technology features and lose sight of some the most important and basic details that keep our storage fabrics up and humming. Among these are the Fibre Channel cabling infrastructures and the distance limitations incurred by continued increases in FC speeds.

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What is Still Wrong with Current Benchmarks for Measuring Storage Efficiency on Storage Arrays

Organizations have a proclivity to look at storage arrays primarily in the context of how much storage capacity do they offer. But as storage arrays add features such as deduplication and thin provisioning, storage efficiency is taking on new importance as an evaluation criteria when selecting a storage array. This is raising questions as to what role, if any, that a storage array’s storage efficiency features should play in the final buying decision.

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EMC Begins Its Transformation into a Storage Intelligence Company

The real news this past week out of EMC World is not that EMC has decoupled its VMAX or Symmetrix controller heads from its back end disk drives, added some bells and whistles to it and called it “VPLEX”. The big news in my mind is that this decoupling puts the storage industry on notice that EMC has officially begun its transformation from a disk vendor into a provider of storage intelligence.

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