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Overland Storage’s Rationale for Configuring Its REO Backup Appliance as a VTL

Any time one looks at midrange backup appliances, the appliances are almost always NAS based. When configured this way, the backup appliance is attached to the local LAN it appears as a filer server to the backup server and files are backed up to a folder on that appliance. Though I initially called to speak to Overland Storage’s Senior Product Manager, Jeff Graham, about REO’s Dynamic Virtual Tape (DVT) technology, I first wanted to get some clarification on why Overland Storage’s REO-series appliances are configured as Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs) rather than as a NAS-based appliance.

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Overland Storage Layers in Disk-Based Data Protection

In case no one has noticed lately, the number of ways in which companies can configure disk-based storage systems to protect their data has multiplied significantly. This fact was brought clearly into focus by a pre-recorded video lecture that I recently watched on Overland Storage’s Tiered Data Protection (TDP) website.

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