Disaster Recovery High Availability Clustering

Glitch is the Next Milestone in Recoveries

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No business – and I mean no business – regardless of its size ever wants to experience an outage for any reason or duration. However, to completely avoid outages means spending money and, in most cases, a lot of money. That is why, when someone shared with me earlier this week, that one of their clients has put in place a solution that keeps their period of downtime to what appears as a ‘glitch’ to their end-users for nominal cost, it struck a chord with me.

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Companies Can Have Higher Confidence in their High Availability/Clustering Software Today Than Ever Before

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The biggest reasons organizations have implemented HA/Clustering solutions in their environment is to provide immediate / real-time failover of an application stack that is critical to business operations. Along with this is the innate ability it provides to protect their data and servers from a location specific event (a disaster causing outage to a facility or components within that facility.)

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