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Category: Data Protection

StorageCraft Packages Enterprise Value in a Sweet Little Box

In the past, organizations sometimes measured a technology’s value by its physical size. Thank God that ship has sailed. Perhaps no new product better illustrates the need to forever abandon that metric than the newly announced StorageCraft OneXafe Solo. Otherwise StorageCraft may have needed a refrigerator box to fully communicate the value that its new OneXafe Solo delivers.

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Cloud-native Microsoft Azure VM Backups: Providing Certainty in Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times, everyone wants some certainty. They want certainty they stay healthy, do not contract the corona virus, and that this economic shutdown will end sooner than later. Hopefully, we addres these concerns very soon. Thankfully, in other areas, enterprises can experience a higher degree of certainty about a successful outcome. In the backup arena, enterprises that need a viable backup solution for their Microsoft Azure VMs may now turn to HYCU for Azure.

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An Anatomy of Responding to and Surviving a Ransomware Attack

The statistics and fears associated with ransomware receive a lot of attention from the press and in the media alike. However, to fully appreciate the devastating impact that a ransomware attack may have on an organization, it helps to speak to someone who survived one. Recently, I had that opportunity. That conversation provided a sobering look into the speed of ransomware attacks and their increasingly insidious nature.

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Backup Software’s Expanding Efforts to Help Defeat Ransomware in the Data Center

Ask anyone how to defeat ransomware and software from cyber security providers may first come to mind. These include Avast, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, Sophos, and others. Mention using backup software to defeat ransomware and people may look at you like you have lost your mind. Crazy or not, backup software now incorporates features that serve as a secondary perimeter to defend against ransomware attacks.

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Four Practical Steps to Achieving Ransom-free Recoveries

Another New Year, another new series of ransomware attacks. Barely one full month into 2020 and already numerous institutions throughout the US report ransomware attacks. The fact that ransomware attacks continue to occur should not surprise anyone. The surprise may be the growing number of organizations that are now prepared to respond and recover from them.

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Close the Data Protection Gap in GCP with Better Backups at a Lower Cost

Backing up applications and data in general-purpose clouds present a new challenge that many backup solutions remain ill-equipped to handle. They often have not yet matured to capitalize on the specific administrative and data protection features that these clouds offer.
The “newer” the cloud, the more likely organizations will encounter this issue. If using Amazon Web Services (AWS), organizations may be less likely to encounter this challenge. Multiple backup products support backing up VMs in AWS and can leverage AWS’s available features.

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Put Data Protection in Context

Almost every backup, hyperconverged, security, software, and storage vendor claim to provide data protection in some way. The challenge becomes identifying the exact context in which they use the term data protection to describe their offering.

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Recovery as Part of DRaaS – Read the Fine Print

DRaaS (disaster-recovery-as-a-service) in the cloud continues to gain traction among organizations as an idea whose time has come. Adopting this technique, organizations can recover their data in the cloud should a disaster of any magnitude occurs. However, read the fine print as the recovery options that a DRaaS provider offers can take many forms. An organization must verify that the DRaaS vendor it selects delivers the type of recovery experience that it expects.

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Four Ways to Achieve Quick Wins in the Cloud

More companies than ever want to use the cloud as part of their overall IT strategy. To do so, they often look to achieve some quick wins in the cloud to demonstrate its value. Achieving these quick wins also serves to give them some practical hands on experience in the cloud. Incorporating the cloud into your backup and disaster recovery (DR) processes may serve as the best way to get these wins.

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Best of Show at Nutanix .NEXT

Every time DCIG attends a conference, we attempt to meet with as many exhibitors as possible to get an overview of their solutions and the key business challenges they solve. We then identify three that best address these challenges. In attending the Nutanix .NEXT event last week in Anaheim, CA, DCIG awarded these three products as Best of Show.

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