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Category: Data Protection

The Two Categories of Office 365 Backup Software

Organizations looking to protect data stored in Microsoft Office 365 should follow new rules to select the best solution. In so doing, organizations should also recognize two broad categories of Office 365 backup software exist from which to choose. One category consists of subscription, cloud-based SaaS offerings. The other category encompasses enterprise backup software solutions that offer Office 365 backup as an add-on option.

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DCIG TOP 5 AWS and Azure Cloud Backup Webinar

DCIG President and Founder, Jerome Wendt, will share the results of DCIG’s research into AWS and Azure cloud backup solutions. Beginning at 1 pm ET on October 21, 2020, TruthinIT will present this DCIG TOP 5 webinar. Based on DCIG’s analysis into over 30 cloud backup providers, it will reveal the TOP 5 AWS and Azure solutions.

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Acronis True Image Provides Peace of Mind Even in 2020

The year 2020 has been unsettling in many ways, including disruptions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, some bad actors have used the sudden work-from-home transition to launch a wave of cyberattacks. Happily, the good guys are also hard at work. With ongoing enhancements to the product, Acronis True Image provides peace of mind even in 2020.

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New Methods to Stop Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware represents one of the primary threats every size organization currently faces. The latest surveys reveal the percentage of businesses experiencing ransomware attacks may be higher than anyone initially thought. These statistics suggest it is only matter of when, not if, an organization experiences a ransomware attack.

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DCIG 2020-21 TOP 5 SME AWS Cloud Backup Solutions Report Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its inaugural 2020-21 TOP 5 report on SME AWS Cloud Backup Solutions. This TOP 5 report provides small and midsize enterprises guidance on the best backup solutions for backing up and recovering applications and data hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

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Remote Worker Backup Software Gets Juiced for Enterprise Needs

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has put a spotlight on providing backup for individuals working remotely. Often an afterthought, responsible organizations can no longer trivialize the need to back up the data of these individuals. Rather, organizations must identify backup software designed to work in these environments which they can centrally manage. In response, more providers have juiced their backup software to deliver enterprise caliber features to meet remote worker backup needs.

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Make the Best Choice to Tackle Backup Costs and Complexity in Midsize Enterprises

Anyone involved with IT in a midsize enterprise in any meaningful capacity wants to make the best choice when it comes to data protection. These individuals intuitively understand the complexities associated with supporting this environment. Inside the data center one finds multiple types of software. Outside the data center, one encounters multiple types of clouds, edge devices and PCs. Midsize enterprises frequently consider Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) and Veritas NetBackup as solutions to protect their environments. Both products target enterprises though they approach them differently.

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Cloud Backup Ultimately Requires a Cloud Native Architecture

Using lift-and-shift, organizations harness the power of the cloud to optimize applications once they host them there. Unfortunately, this methodology may break down when one considers moving backup software to the cloud. The backup software will almost certainly still work if moved to the cloud. However, organizations need to ask how easily, efficiently, and effectively will it perform backups once in the cloud? The answer to that question often necessitates that organizations select cloud backup software that uses a cloud native architecture.

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Kaseya Reveals Its Simple Strategy to Resolve Growing IT Complexity

Do you ever wonder why achieving simplicity is so hard? I certainly do. Everyone tends to recognize simplicity when they see or experience it. However, simple to manage and use technology remains elusive. Further, making multiple technologies simple to use and manage rarely happens. That said, Kaseya may a simple answer to this challenge. Its strategy entails providing companies with a management console that centrally monitors and manages multiple disparate technologies.

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StorageCraft Packages Enterprise Value in a Sweet Little Box

In the past, organizations sometimes measured a technology’s value by its physical size. Thank God that ship has sailed. Perhaps no new product better illustrates the need to forever abandon that metric than the newly announced StorageCraft OneXafe Solo. Otherwise StorageCraft may have needed a refrigerator box to fully communicate the value that its new OneXafe Solo delivers.

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