New Deduplication and Role-Based Access Features Close ARCserve Product Gaps; New Free SRM Feature may be Hidden Jewel in r12.5

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Backup software is, if nothing else, a “Me-Too” space with each vendor adding new features to each release of its product to try to match what its competitors are doing as well as trying to add a few new twists of their own to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Today’s CA announcement of ARCserve r12.5 continues this trend. To remain competitive, r12.5 adds data deduplication as a core component of ARCserve, improves users’ abilities to recover guest VMs on virtual server operating systems and more tightly integrates ARCserve with popular applications. CA seeks to differentiate ARCserve from competitors with new native SRM reporting capabilities and providing assurance that organizations can restore their deduplicated backup data.

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Cisco, Emulex, Qlogic, etc Announce 10 Gbps FCoE While Mellanox says “We raise 4x” and Announces 40 Gbps Infiniband; SNW Day 2 Recap

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Xiotech made the first “earthshaking” announcements of the day at 7:00 am which mostly had those I spoke to shaking their heads trying to figure out what the announcement meant. The announcement centered on their new patented Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) technology that they acquired from Seagate last November that will, according to Xiotech, “virtually eliminate the need for service, scale from one terabyte to one petabyte and dramatically boost perfromance”.

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APTARE Needs To Keep Its SRM Software Relevant in the Face of Dropping Disk Prices; Part 2 of 2

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The challenge that APTARE faces, however, is the same challenge that every other SRM vendor faces. Keep SRM software relevant in the face of declining storage capacity prices. This factor alone often makes it far too easy for companies to throw more storage capacity at the problem as opposed to trying to monitor and proactively manage it. Regardless of whether or not APTARE has the right architecture, they need to help break users of their storage consumption habit

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90% of APTARE’s Customers Have 2008 Initiatives for Disk-Based Data Protection; Part 1 of 2

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Can APTARE’s StorageConsole remain relevant in 2008 and beyond? That was a question that weighed on my mind as I met with Rick Clark, APTARE’s President and CEO, a couple of weeks ago. The purpose of the briefing: receive an update on what steps APTARE is taking to keep its StorageConsole 6.5 product alive and growing as the data protection space evolves. Of course, the particular challenge that StorageConsole needs to address now and in the coming years is managing the growing use of disk in data protection and start to wean itself off of managing tape-based backup.

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