Continuous Data Protection

Glitch is the Next Milestone in Recoveries

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No business – and I mean no business – regardless of its size ever wants to experience an outage for any reason or duration. However, to completely avoid outages means spending money and, in most cases, a lot of money. That is why, when someone shared with me earlier this week, that one of their clients has put in place a solution that keeps their period of downtime to what appears as a ‘glitch’ to their end-users for nominal cost, it struck a chord with me.

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Exercise Caution Before Making Any Assumptions about Cloud Data Protection Products

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There are two assumptions that IT professionals need to exercise caution before making when evaluating cloud data protection products. One is to assume all products share some feature or features in common. The other is to assume that one product possesses some feature or characteristic that no other product on the market offers. As DCIG reviews its recent research into the cloud data protection products, one cannot make either one of these assumptions, even on features such as deduplication, encryption, and replication that one might expect to be universally adopted by these products in comparable ways.

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The Dell DL4300 Puts the Type of Thrills into Backup and Recovery that Organizations Really Want

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Organizations have long wanted to experience the thrills of non-disruptive backups and instant application recoveries. Yet the solutions delivered to date have largely been the exact opposite offering only unwanted backup pain with very few of the types of recovery thrills that organizations truly desire. The new Dell DL4300 Backup and Recovery Appliance successfully takes the pain out of daily backup and puts the right types of thrills into the backup and recovery experience.

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The Four (4) Behind-the-Scenes Forces that Drive Many of Today’s Technology Infrastructure Buying Decisions

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It is almost a given in today’s world that for almost any organization to operate at peak efficiency and achieve optimal results that it has to acquire and use multiple forms of technology as part of its business processes. However what is not always so clear is the forces that are at work both insider and outside of the business that drive its technology acquisitions. While by no means a complete list, here are four (4) forces that DCIG often sees at work behind the scenes that influence and drive many of today’s technology infrastructure buying decisions.

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Virtual Standby, Instant Recovery and the Aha! Moment; Interview with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe Part IV

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There is a magic moment associated with the sales process of almost any technology where the individual looking to make an acquisition has an “Aha!” moment, indicating they grasp the value of the technology and how it can help them move their business forward. In this fourth installment of my interview series with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe, we discuss how the virtual standby feature in the Dell DL integrated recovery appliances often leads to this “Aha!”moment.

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Four Best Practices for Implementing Next Gen Backup and Recovery; Interview with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe, Part III

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There are so many options available in today’s next generation of backup and recovery tools that sometimes it can be tough to prioritize which features to implement. In this third installment of my interview series with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe, we discuss four (4) best practices that organizations should prioritize as they implement next generation backup and recovery tools.

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Quest Software Lays Out Its Future Plans for vRanger and NetVault Backup; Interview with Quest Software Sr VP Walter Angerer Part V

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In the last few years, Quest Software has acquired a number of companies in the data protection space – most notably Vizioncore, with its vRanger product, and BakBone Software, with its NetVault line of products. However, these acquisitions raise questions like: “Where is Quest Software going with these different products lines?”; “What will they look like?”; and, “What level of integration does Quest plan to deliver?” In the final part of my interview series with Quest’s Senior VP of Data Protection, Walter Angerer, he answers the questions that are on the minds of many.

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Two Cool Technologies at Spring SNW 2011 That May Get Hot Later This Year

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Having come out of the data center and spent many years now as an analyst, it is difficult for me to get overly excited about any new storage technologies that I see at Storage Networking World (SNW.) While these technologies are most certainly “cool,” in the stoic world of storage the odds of them going “hot” are often slim. But at this Spring 2011 SNW, the Nimbus Data Systems S-class and HP Data Protector Instant Recovery look to have above average chances of breaking through.

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FalconStor Regroups, Refocuses under New CEO McNeil

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To say that FalconStor has had some struggles over the past few weeks would probably be a bit of an understatement. Any time that a company’s CEO abruptly resigns with “certain improper payments” cited as the reason for his departure, it can leave a company floundering and seeking direction. However having had an opportunity to chat with FalconStor’s new CEO, Jim McNeil, at SNW over dinner this past week, he is already helping FalconStor move past the CEO’s departure and regroup and refocus under his leadership.

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Physical or Virtual – R1Soft has Covered

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This has been a bit of a quiet week in terms of blog entries on the DCIG website but I did not want to leave everyone hanging on the Friday before going into the Memorial Day weekend. So for this week’s recap blog I opted to reflect on a conversation that I had with’s Backup Operations Manager a few weeks ago. In that conversation, he provided some interesting perspectives in terms of how is using R1Soft in its environment.

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Underserved Media and Entertainment Industries Find New Source for Enterprise Data Protection

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As 2009 approaches, the traditional benchmarks for enterprise backup software such as the management of physical tape libraries, support for multiple operating systems and SAN backups are yesterday’s news. Instead support for backup to disk, continuous data protection (CDP), protection for laptops and desktops and a common repository where protected data is stored, deduplicated and available for rapid access and search is how enterprise data protection software is now defined and measured. Yet even when one factors in these new benchmarks for enterprise data protection, how products such as Atempo Time Navigator play in this rapidly evolving space, and in which verticals they best play, are less than intuitive to the untrained eye.

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Low Cost Linux/Windows Continuous Data Protection Solution Emerges

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Continuous data protection has long been a staple for R1Soft on the Linux platform. With 90,000 to 95,000 servers protected by R1Soft’s continuous data protection (CDP) product for Linux, one can only wonder how their recent release of CDP for the Windows platform will prevail. It was my pleasure to speak with David Wartell, VP and Founder of R1Soft about this new offering, what it entails, and how it will affect future Windows backups.

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Mendocino Software Reportedly Selling Off Its Assets; What Does This Mean for HP?

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No doubt that CDP has become an important market segment, described as “the future of backup’. Yet success in the CDP market isn’t ubiquitous. The last few months I have heard reports that Mendocino Software, a provider of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software for the enterprise computing market and which HP resells as its Continuous Information Capture (CICS) software, was in real trouble. Now the latest reports I am hearing is that Mendocino Software, like its predecessor Revivio before it, is being scrapped, selling off its intellectual property and assets and laying off its staff, having failed to close a new round of funding.

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Microsoft Exchange High-availability and Data Recovery; Just Cluster It?

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Given the mission critical nature of Exchange, I have focused lately on writing about Microsoft Exchange high-availability and data recovery for consistent databases. What an administrator really needs is the ability to provide disaster recovery and data recovery, in a single application and administrative console. Scalability which is critical in high-availability is achievable with host-offloaded CDP solutions such as InMage’s Scout.

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