Definitions Help Bring Sanity to the Cloud

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The more DCIG covers various enterprise technologies, the more it sees the term “cloud” permeating the literature originating from vendors describing their products. In so doing, they use the term “cloud” very liberally to describe their products’ capabilities. To try to bring some sanity to all these occurrences of cloud that one encounters, here are some definitions that DCIG uses to assess each product’s cloud capabilities.

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CloudShift Puts Flawless DR on Corporate Radar Screens

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For an HCI solution to not have a clear path forward for public cloud support is almost anathema in the increasingly hybrid cloud environments found in today’s enterprises. That’s what makes this week’s CloudShift announcement from Datrium notable – it begins to clarify Datrium’s strategy for how Datrium is going to go beyond backup to the public cloud as part of its DVX solution and puts the concept of flawless DR on corporate radar screens.

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Orchestrated Backup IN the Cloud Arrives with HYCU for GCP

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Companies are either moving or have moved to the cloud with backup TO the cloud being one of the primary ways they plan to get their data and applications into the cloud. But orchestrating the backup of their applications and data once they reside IN the cloud… well, that requires an entirely different set of tools with few, if any, backup providers yet offering features in their respective products that deliver on this requirement. That ends today with the introduction of HYCU for GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

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Hackers Say Goodbye to Ransomware and Hello to Bitcoin Mining

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Ransomware gets a lot of press – and for good reason – because when hackers break through your firewalls, encrypt your data, and make you pay up or else lose your data, it rightfully gets people’s attention. But hackers probably have less desire than most to be in the public eye and sensationalized ransomware headlines bring them unwanted attention. That’s why some hackers have said goodbye to the uncertainty of a payout associated with getting a ransom for your data and instead look to access your servers to do some bitcoin mining using your CPUs.

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If We Cannot Scale Our Backup Solution, We Die; Interview with SaaS Provider System Architect Fidel Michieli, Part I

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Every year at VMworld I have conversations that broaden my understanding and appreciation for new products on the market. This year was no exception as I had the opportunity to talk at length with Fidel Michieli, a System Architect at a SaaS provider, who shared his experiences with me about his challenges with backup and recovery and how he came to choose Cohesity. In this first installment in my interview series with Fidel, he shared the challenges that his company was facing with his existing backup configuration as well as the struggles that he had in identifying a backup solution that scaled to meet his dynamically changing and growing environment.

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How to Wipe Company Data on Employees’ Mobile Devices while Leaving Personal Data Alone; Interview with GroupLogic, Part V

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In this final installment of our interview series with GroupLogic we look at how mobilEcho enables organizations to wipe only company data off employees’ mobile devices, leaving the employee’s personal data untouched. We also hear how GroupLogic is helping telecommunications firms increase revenue by adding value to their customers’ telecommunications experience, and we gain insight into the DNA of the company as a software provider for over 20 years.

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New Enterprise Application Market Place Apps Giving Custom Built and Commercial Software the Boot

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Many businesses either rely on in-house custom software or purchase and customize commercial software packages to meet their mission critical business needs. Unfortunately these approaches are failing to meet the needs of enterprises as they demand faster development and deployment times for these apps. To address that challenge, a new group of vendors in the cloud promises to improve these mediocre mission critical business processes by speeding up development/deployment cycles while reducing the total cost of ownership of enterprise applications.

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GroupLogic explains Symantec and Commvault partnerships, ahead of acquisition by Acronis; Interview with GroupLogic, Part IV

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GroupLogic, a secure enterprise file sharing and syncing solutions provider, is all about responding quickly to customer demands for product features. On September 13th, Acronis announced it had acquired GroupLogic.
In our previous installment of this interview series, we examined how GroupLogic engages in “customer development” in lieu of product development to integrate customer-driven innovations into its products. In part 4, we take a look at GroupLogic’s strategic partnerships with other companies to create products that fulfill very specific needs for customers.

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Customer-Driven Innovations in Enterprise File Share and Sync; Interview with GroupLogic, Part III

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What happens when the market moves so fast that premeditated product development often can’t keep up? When extensive planning can lead to products that are out of date or irrelevant as soon as they are released? This is the dilemma GroupLogic faces in the enterprise file share and sync marketplace, where many companies have been building their own solutions–including customizing free and freemium solutions–to handle needs that out-of-the-box products simply don’t address.

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Locking Down the Enterprise Cloud while Keeping It Simple and Easy to Use; Interview with GroupLogic, Part II

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In part 2, we continue our discussion with GroupLogic’s Anders Lofgren, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, by exploring licensing options and how the enterprise mobility space has opened up a new market for the company. As well, we dig deeper into activEcho and learn how it is designed to provide flexible and secure file-sync-and-sharing in the enterprise IT organization while being as simple and easy to use as one of the most popular–but unsecure–consumer grade file-sync-and-share cloud services today.

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Payload and Event Reporting by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part III

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MetaFlows is a network security monitoring tool implementing some unique capabilities in today’s ever-changing security environment. They are allowing security administrators access to not only aggregated threat information for their own network, but are also alerting them to potential global threats in their enterprise spaces. I am finishing up my interview today with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, looking at how they are able to aggregate threat information while maintaining security in a cloud-based solution.

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Network Security Performance Tuning by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part II

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Network security monitoring is a constantly changing environment of both tools and methodologies. Most of them today, however, have used a lone “cowboy” mentality where datacenter solutions operate independently. MetaFlows is changing that. Today, I am continuing my interview with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, discussing how their product is optimizing network security monitoring and performance.

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Network Security Monitoring delivered through a “Software as a Service” Model by MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli, Part I

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Enterprise organizations face the daily challenge of ever-growing threats to their network and IT infrastructure. Not only are these threats growing, but they are constantly changing as well, forcing companies to adapt by changing not only their tools but also their training. Today, I’m talking with MetaFlows CEO Livio Ricciulli about how MetaFlows is addressing these problems by delivering network security monitoring using the “Software as a Service” model.

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Top 10 Blogs on the DCIG website by Page Views for 2008

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Being the last calendar day of 2008, I thought it only appropriate to take a moment and look back at the most viewed blog entries on the DCIG website for the past year. While some were topics that I expected to receive a lot of attention when the blog was posted, others were blog topics that essentially came out of nowhere to garner a large number of page views. To be honest, I never thought that entries on topics like cable management and cable labeling would resonate with readers but ended up capturing a couple of the top spots for 2008. Meanwhile topics like the FTC’s Red Flag Rules were so popular on DCIG’s web site that it led me to write columns that eventually were picked up by websites like Network World and BusinessWeek.

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SNW Reflections: Recommendations for Weathering the Forecasted Economic Downturn; “Loyalty Goes out the Window”

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I just got back to Omaha after spending the last three days at Storage Networking World (SNW) and used the time on my flight home to reflect upon some of the conversations I had during my time there. While I still plan to do more blog entries in the coming days around the technologies that I reviewed at SNW, I first wanted to share some of the thoughts and feelings of those in attendance about how they think the economic crisis will affect tech in general and how companies should prepare to act in 2009. In particular, I wanted to share the thoughts of those who have weathered economic downturns in the past and how users have responded to them.

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Electronic Discovery behind the firewall and AXS-One vision, will it be 20/20?

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As CEO I’m happy to say my sales, engineering and operations teams are executing against our shared vision. AXS-One latest functionality includes a very sought after Case Manager module. It is providing our customers with a true self-service discovery and review capability. If I may indulge a bit on my team’s hard work; the Case Manager enables our customers to:
* Conduct initial searches themselves
* Review and modify the results of the searches
* Add dispositions to the searched results
* Package the search for additional review by outside counsel/other 3rd party

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Google’s gmail suffers from malicious archiving system

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This situation peaked my interest because it was an email archiving product for gmail. Specifically, the application is an end user archiving product called g-archiver. The product works by accessing a users mailbox account and copying all their email to a local device. In order to copy the email from the product requires that a user input their username and password. (Note: Here is the URL to download the product –

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Autonomy, Google and Microsoft battle for SaaS eMail Archiving

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Autonomy/Zantaz, Microsoft/Fortiva and Google/Postini are three SaaS based archiving solutions you should evaluate if you are considering hosted email archiving and eDiscovery for Microsoft Exchange. Since Microsoft/Fortiva does not support Lotus Notes Domino, you should limit your research to Autonomy and Google if you also require Lotus Notes Domino support. Autonomy’s Zantaz was founded on the premise of SaaS archiving for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Domino, whereas Google/Postini started offering it in 2006. Google acquired Postini in 2007 and added significant support and data center services to support their growing Enterprise customer base.

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Fortiva focuses on security and search to drive retrieval of hosted enterprise archive data

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Fortiva identifies security and flexible search as two key elements in the product line. Security is a critical component in any Software as a Servie (SaaS) offering. When all the data is stored off site with another company, encryption is your last bastion of hope against would be thieves, privacy violations, etc.

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Fortiva was the obvious choice for Dell, but not financially relevant

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Fortiva would have been a better option for Dell (NYSE:DELL), had Fortiva been local to the Austin area. According to Praising Gaw, VP of Marketing at Fortiva, they maintain a good business relationship with Microsoft as the sole provider for Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure Online Services for Enterprises. Since Dell also values a good relationship with Microsoft, why didn’t Dell Computer Corporation nurture the Fortiva relationship? One obvious answer is there weren’t any vested interests in Fortiva, by Dell Computer Corporation or the Dell family.

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