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6 Key Areas for Selecting the Best Software-defined Storage Solution

To help organizations, DCIG plans to publish one or more TOP 5 reports focused on SDS block storage. In preparing these reports, DCIG identified and researched six topical areas that organizations typically evaluate when selecting an SDS solution. In so doing, organizations may use these TOP 5 reports to quickly develop a short list of solutions matching their requirements.

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DCIG to Publish TOP 5 Reports Covering Software-defined Storage

DCIG is initiating research into the software-defined storage (SDS) marketplace, focusing initially on block storage.  DCIG invites SDS block storage providers to participate in the survey research taking place through September 2020.  DCIG will publish results in the 4th quarter as one or more TOP 5 reports.  DCIG’s TOP 5 Reports help IT decision-makers save valuable time through a succinct analysis of SDS solutions.

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Two Vital Mindset Shifts for Enterprise Storage Success

Two moments from recent conversations stand out to me because of the vital mindset shifts for enterprise storage success that these moments represent. Both of these occurred during a call with Qumulo, but reflect mindset shifts that are also creating success for other storage solutions.

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Enterprise Requirements for Petabyte-scale File Data Management On-premises and in the Cloud

Enterprises of all sizes are using unstructured file data in new and varied ways to drive innovation and create value. Whether they are optimizing retail operations through AI-enabled video analytics or improving healthcare through an in-depth analysis of high-resolution microscopy images, they are capturing file data from more sources and in a greater variety of file sizes than in the past. In turn, they must store multiple petabytes of data to support these new workloads. They need petabyte-scale file data management.

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Modern File Infrastructures Enabling Enterprise Cloud Transformation

File-based workloads are at the heart of innovation and of collaborative workflows in many enterprises. Enterprises pursuing transformation increasingly store multiple petabytes of unstructured file data. They frequently need to process that file data in the cloud and to access and collaborate on that data from many different locations. Public cloud providers offer some file services of their own, but have welcomed other file service providers into their clouds because those providers help move more workloads into their clouds.

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Cloud Data Movement Comes at a Cost

Unexpected cost and complexity top the list of unexpected outcomes when it comes to storing and managing data in the cloud. Many organizations end up storing far more data in the cloud than they initially anticipated. This leads to unexpected, recurring cost overruns that may grow month after month resulting in organizations far exceeding their annual cloud budgets. Moving data within and out of the cloud represent some of these hidden, unexpected costs that organizations do not always anticipate.

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One Cloud Platform to Rule Them All

Once any size enterprise engages with any cloud provider, it quickly sees the cloud’s incredible potential. It also begins to grasp the escalating cost and growing complexity that can result if not carefully managed. Adding to this challenge, many enterprises anticipate using multiple clouds which further exacerbates these concerns. In response to them, HPE unveiled the latest updates to its GreenLake Central that grants enterprises access to a single software platform to rule all their clouds.

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The “Me-first” Component of Pure Storage’s Cloud Block Store

Pure Storage’s most notable announcement at its 2019 Accelerate conference concerns its new Cloud Block Store offering. On the surface, this may look like a “me-too” offering. It is anything but. Rather, it represents a “me-first” moment for Pure Storage. Cloud Block Store creates a new benchmark for measuring how vendors deliver their storage volumes in the cloud.

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