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Category: Backup Appliance

IT’s New Role: The Business Technologist

As the role of IT changes from functioning as specialists to generalists, many IT staff members find themselves in the role of a Business Technologist. In this new role, they serve a two-fold purpose. First, they must understand and document the specific needs and requirements of the business by interfacing with key end-users and product managers. Once they document these needs, they then map those requirements to a specific technology solution that solves them.

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Virtual Backup Appliances Often Do NOT Make Sense Except in Small Environments; Interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, Part V

Choosing the right backup appliance – physical or virtual – does not have to be complicated so long as an organization knows the right questions to ask and gathers the appropriate information. However, as organizations are gathering this information, most conclude that a virtual backup appliance is NOT the right answer in most circumstances. In this fifth and final installment of DCIG’s interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, he explains how to choose the most appropriate backup appliance for your environment and why a virtual backup appliance is probably not the choice you will be making.

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Today it is Really All About the Integrated Solution

As I attended sessions at Microsoft TechEd 2014 last week and talked with people in the exhibit hall a number of themes emerged including “mobile first, cloud first”, hybrid cloud, migration to the cloud, disaster recovery as a service, and flash memory storage as a game-changer in the data center. But as I reflect on the entire experience, a statement made John Loveall, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Windows Server during one of his presentations sums up to overall message of the conference, “Today it is really all about the integrated solution.”

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Four Prerequisites to Choosing an Integrated Backup Appliance for Distributed Enterprise Backup

Distributed enterprises with varying size remote offices under their management are no different than any other organization in that they also want to capitalize on the numerous benefits that integrated backup appliances offer. Yet selecting the “right-sized” backup appliance for each office can quickly become very complicated as it can create a tangled web of backup and recovery management if neither the appliances nor the backup software can be centrally monitored and managed.

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The Continuing Disconnect Between Backup and Recovery; Interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, Part IV

The disconnect between how quickly and efficiently end users think their IT department can back up and recover data and the IT department’s actual ability to deliver on these expectations can be substantial. Too often, IT departments are not equipped to recover data nearly as fast as end users expect, and they may not even have the data available to recover. In this fourth installment of DCIG’s interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, he explains why misconceptions about backup persist and what backup paradigms must change for the benefit of everyone.

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The Cloud, Deduplication and Replication are Must-Have Features on Backup Appliances; Interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, Part III

There is backup and then there is backup. To meet the backup and recovery needs of today’s organizations, they need to verify that the selected backup appliance includes the features needed to protect their environment today and positions them to meet their needs into the foreseeable future. In this third installment of DCIG’s interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, he describes the new must-have features that backup appliances must offer.

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A Backup Appliance Designed to Stand the Test of Time; Interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, Part 2

“The more things change, the more things stay they stay the same.” That nearly 200 year old French proverb still has relevance even in today’s modern technology era when one looks at today’s backup appliances and how they have both changed and stayed the same since coming on the scene a little over10 years ago. In this second installment of DCIG’s interview series with STORServer’s President, Bill Smoldt, he provides some insight into how backup appliances have evolved over the last decade as well as the features they must offer to stand the test of time.

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DCIG 2014-15 Integrated Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its DCIG 2014-15 Integrated Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide. In this Buyer’s Guide, DCIG weights, scores and ranks over 70 integrated backup appliances respectively from 14 different providers. Like all previous DCIG Buyer’s Guides, this Buyer’s Guide provide the critical information that all size organizations need when selecting an integrated backup appliance as these appliances provide one of the most appealing ways for users to simplify backup using a single box

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