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Expanded Use Cases for Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliances

Viewing hybrid cloud backup appliances strictly in the context of “backup and recovery” is a mindset that organizations must strive to overcome. While these appliances certainly fulfill this traditional role, new use cases are constantly emerging for these appliances. Hybrid cloud backup appliance have now matured to the point where organizations may use them in multiple roles besides just backup.

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The Dell DL4300 Puts the Type of Thrills into Backup and Recovery that Organizations Really Want

Organizations have long wanted to experience the thrills of non-disruptive backups and instant application recoveries. Yet the solutions delivered to date have largely been the exact opposite offering only unwanted backup pain with very few of the types of recovery thrills that organizations truly desire. The new Dell DL4300 Backup and Recovery Appliance successfully takes the pain out of daily backup and puts the right types of thrills into the backup and recovery experience.

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Advanced Encryption and VTL Features Give Organizations New Impetus to Use the Dell DR Series as their “One Stop Shop” Backup Target

The closer any new solution comes to being non-disruptively introduced into existing organizational backup infrastructures, the greater the odds that the solution will succeed and be adopted more broadly. By Dell including FIPS 140-2 compliant 256-bit AES encryption and VTL features as part of its 3.2 OS release for its existing and new DR series of backup appliances at no charge, organizations have new options to introduce the DR Series appliances without disrupting their existing backup processes.

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Virtual Standby, Instant Recovery and the Aha! Moment; Interview with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe Part IV

There is a magic moment associated with the sales process of almost any technology where the individual looking to make an acquisition has an “Aha!” moment, indicating they grasp the value of the technology and how it can help them move their business forward. In this fourth installment of my interview series with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe, we discuss how the virtual standby feature in the Dell DL integrated recovery appliances often leads to this “Aha!”moment.

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DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 100 features on 47 different deduplicating backup appliances from 10 different providers. This Buyer’s Guide provides the critical information that all size organizations need when selecting deduplicating backup appliances to protect environments ranging from remote offices to enterprise data centers.

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Early Insights from the Forthcoming DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyers Guide

As DCIG readies its third release of the DCIG Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide, it always encounters certain trends and the emergence of new features in the products covered in each respective Guide. DCIG’s experience was no different in its preparations for this Guide. Virtual appliances and scale-out and scale-up architectures in particular caught our eye as DCIG prepares to release this Guide.

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The New Business Case for Deploying Deduplicating Backup Solutions as Virtual Appliances

Physical, purpose-built deduplicating backup appliances have found their way into many enterprise data centers as they expedite installation and simplify ongoing management of backup data. However there is a growing business case for virtual appliances that offer the benefits of deduplication without the associated hardware costs. To determine when and if a virtual appliance is the correct choice, there are key factors that enterprises must evaluate to arrive at the right decision for a specific office or environment.

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Three Tips for Breaking through the Backup Complexity of Today’s Enterprises

Perhaps nowhere does the complexity of the IT infrastructure within today’s organizations come more clearly into focus than when viewed from the perspective of data protection. Backup and recovery software sees first hand all of the applications and operating systems in an enterprise’s environment . Yet, at the same time, it is expected to account for this complexity by centralizing management, holding the line on costs, and simplifying these tasks even as it meets heightened end-user demands for faster backups and recoveries. To break through this complexity, there are three tips that any organization can follow to help both accelerate and simplify the protection and recovery of data in their environment.

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