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Category: Artificial Intelligence

AI-infused solution

Microsoft 365 Data Protection Made Better with AI-infused Solutions

Microsoft 365 represents a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that often gets used by ransomware to enter organizations. This has prompted Microsoft to introduce security and backup services within Microsoft 365 to help organizations recover from these attacks. However, Microsoft only provides some backup and security services to protect Microsoft 365 against ransomware. This leaves openings for AI-infused solutions such as SpinOne to better protect Microsoft 365.

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An Age of Bifurcated AI Has Begun

Some providers stand better positioned to deliver on AI’s potential than others. Huawei strikes me as one of those providers in this role and it serves as an AI barometer. Specifically, Huawei largely does business outside of the US. As a result, it tends to view and approach AI differently than US-based providers. This may well result in the beginning of a bifurcated AI world.

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3 Data Protections Solutions Where AI has Found a Home

Infusing artificial intelligence (AI) into data protection solutions has increasingly become the new benchmark by which organizations measure them. This trend reflects the demand from organizations for these solutions to both safeguard their data from cyber threats and gain new insights from their data. This had led at least three providers to already infuse AI into their respective data protection solutions.

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HYCU Embraces Gen AI to Build Universal SaaS Protection 

The pace of technology evolves so fast it’s often difficult for sellers and users to keep up. The most successful IT companies constantly change to meet evolving market demands and take advantage of the latest technologies.  HYCU embraced Gen AI by integrating Anthropics’ AI assistant Claude to create what it calls “universal” SaaS protection. It also built out its SaaS protection ecosystem with developers, integrators, and the major public cloud providers as partners. This helps HYCU and partners create data protection for the wide ranges of SaaS apps on the market. 

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3 Technologies with Near-term Impact Coming out of VMware Explore 2023

Deep learning virtual machines (VMs). Edge cloud orchestrator. Generative artificial intelligence (AI). Hybrid multi-cloud. Large language models (LLM). Private AI. VMware AI Labs. vSAN Max. These terms and many more VMware dropped on attendees at this year’s VMware Explore held this past week in Las Vegas, NV. While some of these technologies may never impact enterprises, three stand poised to impact them in the near-term.

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Unveiling the Future of Memory and Storage: Insights FMS2023

Despite the economic downturn that hit the memory providers hard this year, the 2023 edition of the show attracted more than 3,000 energetic participants. And I do mean participants. Many of the people at this event are the innovators who are engineering the future of memory, storage, and related technologies enabling the AI era.

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Nutanix Objects Storage

Nutanix Objects Storage Expands Mine’s Possibilities

In 2019 Nutanix made a lot of noise around its Nutanix Mine product which DCIG wrote about a few years ago. This offering presents Nutanix’s technology as a secondary scale-out storage offering optimized for use in backup. One could configure Mine as either a backup storage target or an integrated backup appliance with both backup software and storage.

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7 Storage Considerations for Enterprise AI

Until recently, data-intensive analytic workloads were mostly the domain of large-scale research and educational institutions. However, many commercial enterprises are now adopting these AI-driven workloads to enhance the value of their business data. As organizations embrace these workloads they should be aware of 7 storage considerations for enterprise AI.

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