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Category: Archiving

EMC content archiving group still talks about possibility, not reality

Carl Frappaolo, AIIM Vice President, Market Intelligence says “Unstructured information drives numerous business processes…” The logical option here would be to deploy a business process management suite (BPMS) of tools. Step one is to identify what departments, project groups and individuals are involved in the business processes. Step two; identify the information that results from those individuals, groups and departments. Step three, once the business process is mapped to the information you simply associate it with a retention management product and policies.

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Suntech offers Call/IP Detail Record (CDR/IPDR) retention to US eDiscovery and investigation market

Although the data elements are small, they are numerous. For example, a medium sized company with 3000 users using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system would generate 24000 calls if each person received one call per hour throughout an 8 hour work day. In two years time that would equal at least 18 million call records and requires companies implement automated solutions to capture and manage these call records. Moreover, those automated systems must scale well beyond 18 million records on a daily basis. Working with carrier grade companies, those that serve the general public, Suntech experienced very high data retention requirements early in the development cycle.

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“100 Million Files Should Not be a Problem for ProStor Systems’ InfiniVault”; Part 2 of 2

InfiniVault presents itself as a network filer to server operating systems and uses a write-once file system so InfiniVault needs to theoretically manage an infinite number of files due to its infinite capacity capabilities. To explain how InfiniVault does this, both ProStor Systems’ CEO, Steve Georgis, and CTO, Randy Kerns, explained why the number of files in most customer environments rarely becomes a compelling issue. Georgis says that ProStor Systems guarantees it will support 20 million files at the bare-minimum specification. While 100 million files should not be a problem, ProStor has not yet tested InfiniVault to verify it can reach that number.

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Fortiva was the obvious choice for Dell, but not financially relevant

Fortiva would have been a better option for Dell (NYSE:DELL), had Fortiva been local to the Austin area. According to Praising Gaw, VP of Marketing at Fortiva, they maintain a good business relationship with Microsoft as the sole provider for Microsoft Business Productivity Infrastructure Online Services for Enterprises. Since Dell also values a good relationship with Microsoft, why didn’t Dell Computer Corporation nurture the Fortiva relationship? One obvious answer is there weren’t any vested interests in Fortiva, by Dell Computer Corporation or the Dell family.

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Dell saves their investment in MessageOne at the best possible moment

Considering competitive forces from Google, Autonomy and a fleeting partnership with Iron Mountain, it was in Michael Dell’s best interest to save his investment and reel in MessageOne. Moreover, with all the storage activity going on at Dell, the acquisition could propel the MessageOne services to equal footing in the enterprise with Google, making the $12 annual fee for MessageOne a bargain for Dell related technologies.

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Corporate Archiving at an Inflection Point; Interview with Plasmon CEO, Steven Murphy Part 1 of 2

Right now we are at the inflection point in companies where archiving is a board room issue and companies are looking for cost-effective means to keep their data accessible and secure. While there is software out there that does archiving, Plasmon offers a solution that archives and manages long term retention of data via policy. So if you want to make an archive environment look and act like disk but have tape’s lower acquisition, power costs and longevity, you would end up with the unique capabilities found in Plasmon UDO (Ultra Density Optical) archive solutions.

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Huron Consulting set to fix Autonomy services in the wake of Microsoft search acquisitions

If Huron approaches a client about “eDiscovery process improvements” without any product offering it typically falls on deaf ears. However fixed priced eDiscovery is sure to generate a lot of buzz and listeners. If you are buying into V3locity, Huron’s next step is to deploy Autonomy/ZANTAZ into your environment as your intelligent preservation and collection system. While this is a win-win for both Huron and Autonomy, it may turn out to be a life saver for Autonomy.

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