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Category: Archiving

Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Entries on DCIG’s Site in 2012

As the last business day of 2012 it is time for DCIG to unveil its most read blog entries of 2012. While a few long time reader favorites remain in this year’s Top 5, a couple of newcomers also made first time appearances on this year’s list driven by what is likely growing user interest/concern in managing Big Data and doing eDiscovery across their unstructured data stores.

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Reflections on SNW 2012: Time to Revisit Assumptions About Storage

SNW 2012 revealed a dynamic industry that is innovating across all storage tiers. From incorporating super-low-latency flash memory into the data center to new tape formats that essentially turn tape libraries into high-latency disk drives, lots of talent is being applied to meet the growing demands that enterprises have for their storage systems.

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Tape Libraries Just Keep Getting Better with Age; Interview with Spectra Logic CEO Thompson Part III

In today’s information age our focus always tends to be on the here and now and how quickly we can access information that was made sometimes just seconds ago. But in terms of the total amount of data in the digital universe, that is just the tip of the iceberg with possibly as much as 90% of today’s data existing as archival data. Ensuring the integrity of that data and making sure it is stored cost effectively for decades is the responsibility of today’s new generation of tape libraries. In part 3 of my interview series with Spectra Logic’s CEO Nathan Thompson, we discuss how tape libraries have continued to mature to meet today’s new business demands for retaining archival data for even longer periods of time.

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“Archive, Replicate, Recover” is a Natural Progression to the Cloud; Interview with AIS VP of Network Engineering Steve Wallace Part II

Crawl. Walk. Run. That progression pretty well summarizes how most people look to take advantage of cloud service providers over time though, in cloud services terminology, the progression may be better summed up as: Archive, Replicate, Recover. Today I conclude my conversation with American Internet Service’s VP of Network Engineering, Steve Wallace, as we examine how many of AIS’ clients initially get their data into the AIS cloud and then expand their use of AIS cloud services over time.

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DCIG 2012 Big Data Tape Library Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is very excited to announce the availability of its inaugural DCIG 2012 Big Data Tape Library Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 140 features on more than 60 tape libraries from 8 different storage providers. Driven by the explosion of storage requirements to address “Big Data” and the “Cloud,” organizations are now more than ever looking for cost-effective, viable storage media on which to store this data. This is why DCIG believes tape libraries are poised to be one of the big benefactors of these growing storage demands which prompted DCIG to produce its first ever Tape Library Buyer’s Guide to help enterprises choose the right solution for their environment.

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ZL Technologies Brings Virtual Scale-out to Enterprise Archiving and eDiscovery

One of the most exciting and terrifying times in the lifecycle of a company is transitioning from a small to mid-range or mid-range to enterprise sized company. Well led companies that survive those transitions have often been planning for the occasion for some time. The longer they have been planning the more likely they’ve become aware of the need for long term archiving. Of everything.

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LegalTech Recap: Big Data, ECA, Enterprise Dropbox and Cocktail Party

DCIG attended LegalTech New York January 30th thru February 1st, 2012. The conference was well attended by legal professionals, consultants, and vendors. While meeting with them a few opportunities stood out as compelling: Mobile device handshake, Four Rules of Early Data Assessment, Enterprise Versions of and, THE Best LegalTech Cocktail Party

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Four Data Protection and Storage Trends for 2012

About a month ago I started to put some thought and research into what might emerge as the top trends of 2012 by keeping a notebook next to my keyboard so as ideas struck me I could jot them down. Now as I look at the four trends that made today’s short list, they ended up being on the surface ones that I hear, write and talk about every day.

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Information Governance: The Proactive Approach

You hear the words and phrases repeated in legal offices, data centers, break rooms, and boardrooms: liability, indemnity, retention, regulators, act of discovery, compliance. The discomforting sound of Information Governance contains echoes of cost, complexity, inconvenience, and potential penalties.

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