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ZL Technologies Brings Virtual Scale-out to Enterprise Archiving and eDiscovery

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One of the most exciting and terrifying times in the lifecycle of a company is transitioning from a small to mid-range or mid-range to enterprise sized company. Well led companies that survive those transitions have often been planning for the occasion for some time. The longer they have been planning the more likely they’ve become aware of the need for long term archiving. Of everything.

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The Perfect Storm for Archiving is Forming Right Now

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Digital archiving suffers from a perception problem though one that is probably well-deserved. Perceived as difficult to cost-justify, hard to implement and whose benefits can often be achieved by simply throwing more disk at the problem, most companies have had a hard time justifying its deployment. However a wave of fundamental changes in the storage industry as a whole and in digital archiving technology itself are setting this technology up to be one of the hottest technologies in the months and years to come.

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The Real World PST Problem and How to Deal with It; Executive Interview with C2C Systems CTO Ken Hughes Part VI

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Everyone frequently talks about archiving data when they know the make-up of the data is and where it is located. But what no one want to discuss is the more common real-world problem of not even knowing where data is so it may be archived – especially as it pertains to Outlook PST files. In this sixth and final blog entry in my interview series with C2C Systems’ CTO Ken Hughes, he talks about the real world problem of finding and archiving PST files in organizations and how ArchiveOne takes that into account in its architecture.

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Synchronizing Archival Data Stores in the Cloud; Interview with C2C Systems CTO Ken Hughes Part V

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One of the most common initial use cases for cloud storage is for the storage of archival data. However that does not mean every organization is quite ready to move all of their archival data to the cloud or, what they do move to the cloud, trust the cloud to be available to provide access to the data when they need it. In this fifth blog entry in my interview series with C2C Systems’ CTO Ken Hughes, he talks about the importance of having access to cloud storage repositories for archival data and the advantages of keeping on-premise and data in the cloud synchronized.

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Tips to Doing Search and Establishing Data Ownership; Executive Interview with C2C Systems CTO Ken Hughes Part IV

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Doing searches across unstructured data stores and understanding who owns this data are emerging as higher priorities in today’s Big Data era. However archiving software can vary greatly in how it performs these tasks of search and assigning data ownership. In this fourth blog entry in my interview series with C2C Systems’ CTO Ken Hughes, he examines how C2C performs search across distributed email and file systems and what techniques it employs to establish data ownership.

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Exchange Administrators Need a Consistent Interface for Email Archiving; Interview with C2C Systems CTO Ken Hughes Part I

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Archiving is emerging as one of the hot new trends of the next decade with organizations looking for better ways to manage their Big Data stores. Perhaps nowhere is data growth more rampant – and the need for better ways to manage it – more evident than with corporate email stores. In this blog entry, I begin an interview series with C2C System’s CTO Ken Hughes in which we initially discuss C2C’s focus on Microsoft Exchange and which size environments C2C’s products are best positioned to handle.

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Subtle Storage Trends for 2010

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Right now on Yahoo finance it is counting down what it considers the top 10 tech trends for 2010. However some of the trends that it is including in its top 10 are so broad in their definition that when it lists ‘Data Centers’ as its #2 trend and then identifies nearly every technology company in the space as being part of this trend, you have to question just how real this trend is? The list of what I consider the more subtle storage trends of 2010 will be a bit more specific in terms of what features, products, services and/or vendor alliances are taking place that support these theories.

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Top 10 Most Read DCIG Blogs of 2009 Irrespective of Publication Date

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Last week’s blog took a look at the 10 most read blogs in 2009 that were written in 2009. This week I wanted to step even further back and reflect upon the top 10 most read blogs in 2009 regardless of when they were written as I find this insightful in two ways. It lets me know what information continues to hold the attention of readers on as well as what topics from the past might become new trends in 2010. So while there is definitely some overlap between the two, there are also some entries that appear on this list that knock some of the top 10 blogs from last week off the list.

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Top 10 DCIG Blogs of 2009 Written in 2009

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This is one of my favorite blogs of the year to write. Even though this is only the second time since DCIG launched its blogging site two years ago that I have had the opportunity to write a blog in this format, I have been looking forward to looking back all year. In case you have not yet figured it out, today I take a look back at the top 10 most read blogs in 2009 on the DCIG site. However this year I am doing a two part series with today’s blog examining the 10 most read blogs in 2009 that were written in 2009.

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SMBs like the way ArcMail Smells; Is ‘Sniffing’ the Next Big Thing in Email Archiving?

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If somebody had told us that a relative unknown company had come out of nowhere to capture 20% of the small and midsize business (SMB) market in email archiving (according to Gartner) since 2006, we would have thought it a joke. But, that is exactly what we discovered when we recently spoke with ArcMail’s CEO Todd Gates. And while ArcMail has flown under the radar screen of most publications and analysts, once we spoke with Gates and began to understand the technology behind ArcMail, we immediately understood why SMBs like the way ArcMail archives email and why they are bringing ArcMail in-house for their email archiving needs.

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As VMware Momentum Continues, STORServer Reinvents Appliance Delivery Methods by Offering Encapsulated Virtual Machines

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Among the vendor teams that I met at SNW this year, the team from STORServer stood out to me as having the best use of appliance technology built using VMware systems. STORServer offers an appliance built on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to simplify data backup. STORServer was there to talk about their VCB capabilities, which simplify VMware Consolidated Backup adoption – certainly a good use of an appliance solution approach. But more interestingly, I felt, was their use of VMware technology built into their appliance to speed the delivery of new applications capabilities to their customers.

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Message Tagging Offers Means to Scale Email Management in Enterprise Environments

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A recent virtual eDiscovery roundtable that I participated in highlighted the difficulties that companies are having in getting their arms around the proliferation of electronically stored information (ESI) in their organization. This is especially true when one considers the growth of social media and how it can negatively impact them going forward. One attorney participating in the roundtable even went so far to say that, “We have lost control in regards to blogs, wikis and newer forms of social media.” Thankfully the news is a little bit better in regards to the management of older, more mature forms of social media such as email but challenges still remain.

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Email Consolidation Neither Simple nor Straightforward

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In the last week I had an extensive conversation with an investment individual about what the future holds for email archiving and management software. On one hand, he astutely and accurately observed that the market is already saturated with products and that consolidation should occur. But when one looks beyond the general classifications of “email archiving” or “email management”, one quickly detects that many of these products are designed to solve specific problems in a specific market segment. As a result, email consolidation is neither as simple nor as straightforward as one might imagine and that there is still plenty of room for growth and innovation in this space.

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No Rewards for Proactively Detecting Illegal Activity Using eDiscovery Software; But is Presuming Guilt the Next Logical Step?

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A recent DCIG blog entry called into question the value of Bear Stearns selection of Orchestria and its inability to detect the alleged illegal activities of two of its Asset Management portfolio managers. More specifically, it asked why Orchestria did not detect the illegal activities of these individuals and why Bear Stearns did not configure it to monitor for these activities in the first place. The blog posting prompted a comment and phone call from Alan Morley, one of the individuals formerly responsible for implementing and managing Orchestria at Bear Stearns and why monitoring, detecting and preventing this activity is not as easy as it sounds.

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Top 10 Blogs on the DCIG website by Page Views for 2008

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Being the last calendar day of 2008, I thought it only appropriate to take a moment and look back at the most viewed blog entries on the DCIG website for the past year. While some were topics that I expected to receive a lot of attention when the blog was posted, others were blog topics that essentially came out of nowhere to garner a large number of page views. To be honest, I never thought that entries on topics like cable management and cable labeling would resonate with readers but ended up capturing a couple of the top spots for 2008. Meanwhile topics like the FTC’s Red Flag Rules were so popular on DCIG’s web site that it led me to write columns that eventually were picked up by websites like Network World and BusinessWeek.

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Cisco Bows Out of Infiniband; Appliances Join the Virtual World; Notes from Day 2 at VMworld

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Day 2 at VMworld has come and gone and probably my biggest regret was that I had to miss this morning’s keynote by VMware’s new CEO, Paul Maritz. In reading through some other blogs this evening about the event and assuming Storagezilla called it right, it was a doozey essentially declaring open war on other operating systems. In any case, my day was focused on catching up with a number of vendors to get some of the latest behind the scenes scoop in the storage world. In fact, as one walks into the exhibitor hall in VMworld, it is hard not to mistake this conference for a storage conference.

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Symantec doesn’t have an electronic discovery strategy

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Business processes, like electronic discovery, offer defined metrics and quantitative impacts on organizations. Historically speaking, electronic discovery review budgets have been rising steadily; creating the need to improve review (better crushing power) or reduce data going into review (refined selection process). Moreover, the team at KVS/Symantec knew in 2005 that “Discovery Accelerator 1.0” was a stifled product; primarily designed to return email results for people, according to dates and keywords. At the time all the talk was around better “improving review,” but the market has been saying “early case assessment” since early 2007.

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Google’s gmail suffers from malicious archiving system

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This situation peaked my interest because it was an email archiving product for gmail. Specifically, the application is an end user archiving product called g-archiver. The product works by accessing a users mailbox account and copying all their email to a local device. In order to copy the email from the product requires that a user input their username and password. (Note: Here is the URL to download the product –

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The “Infinite” Challenge of ProStor Systems’ InfiniVault Archiving Appliance; Part 1 of 2

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Infinite. That’s the number of files that the file system on ProStor Systems’ InfiniVault archiving appliance can theoretically support. The problem with InfiniVault supporting an infinite number of files is how does that work under real-world conditions and how does anyone verify that number in order to have some level of assurance that it holds up? In ProStor Systems case, verifying its claim is more important than in the case of most other disk vendors since its disk-based InfiniVault also supports infinite storage capacity.

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Autonomy, Google and Microsoft battle for SaaS eMail Archiving

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Autonomy/Zantaz, Microsoft/Fortiva and Google/Postini are three SaaS based archiving solutions you should evaluate if you are considering hosted email archiving and eDiscovery for Microsoft Exchange. Since Microsoft/Fortiva does not support Lotus Notes Domino, you should limit your research to Autonomy and Google if you also require Lotus Notes Domino support. Autonomy’s Zantaz was founded on the premise of SaaS archiving for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes Domino, whereas Google/Postini started offering it in 2006. Google acquired Postini in 2007 and added significant support and data center services to support their growing Enterprise customer base.

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