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Author: Ken Clipperton

Two Vital Mindset Shifts for Enterprise Storage Success

Two moments from recent conversations stand out to me because of the vital mindset shifts for enterprise storage success that these moments represent. Both of these occurred during a call with Qumulo, but reflect mindset shifts that are also creating success for other storage solutions.

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Five Important Advances in All-Flash Array Technology

DCIG recently updated its research into enterprise all-flash arrays and will soon publish the DCIG 2020-21 Enterprise All-Flash Array Buyer’s Guide. As we reflect on what has changed since we published the prior edition in 2018, five advances seem especially significant. Any business planning to refresh its storage infrastructure should take these advances into consideration.

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Four Paths on the Journey to Automated Enterprise Infrastructure

Every enterprise storage briefing now includes a discussion of infrastructure analytics. For some vendors, this is a relatively new endeavor. Other vendors have woven analytics into the design of their company and products from day one. As companies evaluate enterprise storage offerings, they should pay careful attention to these infrastructure analytics and how they fit with their own needs, abilities, and culture.

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Enterprise Requirements for Petabyte-scale File Data Management On-premises and in the Cloud

Enterprises of all sizes are using unstructured file data in new and varied ways to drive innovation and create value. Whether they are optimizing retail operations through AI-enabled video analytics or improving healthcare through an in-depth analysis of high-resolution microscopy images, they are capturing file data from more sources and in a greater variety of file sizes than in the past. In turn, they must store multiple petabytes of data to support these new workloads. They need petabyte-scale file data management.

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Modern File Infrastructures Enabling Enterprise Cloud Transformation

File-based workloads are at the heart of innovation and of collaborative workflows in many enterprises. Enterprises pursuing transformation increasingly store multiple petabytes of unstructured file data. They frequently need to process that file data in the cloud and to access and collaborate on that data from many different locations. Public cloud providers offer some file services of their own, but have welcomed other file service providers into their clouds because those providers help move more workloads into their clouds.

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Cyber Resilience at Home

DCIG focuses its research primarily on enterprise storage and data protection. This article is, and is not, a departure from that focus. With so many businesses now urging or requiring employees to work from home, cyber resilience at home has become an important consideration for businesses of all sizes. I routinely work from home and recently experienced the failure of my primary work computer. This article reflects what I learned about cyber resilience at home from that experience.

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