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Insights and Observations about the Forthcoming DCIG 2014 Enterprise Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide

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Anytime DCIG prepares a Buyer’s Guide – whether a net new Buyer’s Guide or a refresh of an existing Buyer’s Guide – it always uncovers a number of interesting trends and developments about that technology. Therefore it is no surprise (at least to us anyway) that as DCIG prepares to release its DCIG 2014 Enterprise Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide that it observed a number of interesting data points about enterprise midrange arrays. As DCIG looks forward to releasing this Buyer’s Guide, we wanted to share some of these observations and insights that we gained as we prepared this Guide as well as why we reached some of the conclusions that we did.

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PHD Virtual’s ReliableDR Adds DR Assurance, Subtracts Cost and Risk

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PHD Virtual’s recent acquisition of the ReliableDR product is a win for businesses stuck in a manual approach to disaster recovery (DR). PHD Virtual Backup already provides VMware environments with reliable backup, replication and recovery tools. ReliableDR adds service recovery testing against RPOs/RTOs and disaster recovery orchestration to enable businesses achieve what PHD Virtual calls “DR assurance”.

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