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Joshua L. Konkle

The Right Deduplication Method for the Right Data: Interview with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, Part III

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Anyone who is close to backup recognizes that some types of data deduplicate better than others. However trying to translate that understanding of the environment into meaningful backup policies is almost impossible since it is both complicated and time consuming to successfully implement. Using the new Sepaton VirtuoSO platform, it is able to choose the best form of deduplication for each backup stream on the fly. In this third part of my interview series with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, we discuss how its VirtuoSO platform detects the nature of incoming backup data and then automatically invokes the best deduplication method to deduplicate the data.

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Bringing Together the Best of Today’s and Yesterday’s Backup Technologies; Interview with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, Part II

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A trend that DCIG is seeing among more new products being introduced into the enterprise space is the proclivity to use the best of what has been previously developed in the past and combining that with new technologies that meet the emerging requirements of today’s organizations. The new VirtuoSO offering from Sepaton reflects this broader industry trend. In this second part of my interview series with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, we discuss what features Sepaton brought forward from its existing S2100 product line and what new features its VirtuoSO platform introduced.

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BYOD and MDM Drive Need for a New Buyer’s Guide

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Information Technology Divisions (I.T.) traditionally does not deal with securing a device that has not been issued and controlled by them. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has exploded across industries. Rapid adoption of iPhone and Android devices displaced Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) in the mobile enterprise email space. Adoption of new devices drives the need for Mobile Device Data Management software to assert control.

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2013: ARM, SSD and Common Slot Servers

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Bad news is only bad until you hear it, then it’s just information followed by opportunity. Information may arrive in political, personal, technological and economic forms. It creates opportunity which brings people, vision, ideas and investment together. When thinking about a future history of 2013, three (3) opportunities come to mind.

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Private Cloud File-Sync-and-Share for Data Leakage Protection, Part II

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Bring your own device (BYOD) file-sync-and-sharing has exploded in 2012. There are over forty (40) companies offering at least one product to organizations of all sizes. Over half of those companies offer a consumer grade version of their file-sync-and-share. With so many options, CIOs are unable to focus on choosing solutions to enable their organization’s workforce while managing data leakage. CIOs can’t choose products because the market hasn’t been consistently defined. In an effort to define a Buyer’s Guide, DCIG is conducting a survey for Mobile Device and Cloud File Sharing.

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How to Wipe Company Data on Employees’ Mobile Devices while Leaving Personal Data Alone; Interview with GroupLogic, Part V

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In this final installment of our interview series with GroupLogic we look at how mobilEcho enables organizations to wipe only company data off employees’ mobile devices, leaving the employee’s personal data untouched. We also hear how GroupLogic is helping telecommunications firms increase revenue by adding value to their customers’ telecommunications experience, and we gain insight into the DNA of the company as a software provider for over 20 years.

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GroupLogic explains Symantec and Commvault partnerships, ahead of acquisition by Acronis; Interview with GroupLogic, Part IV

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GroupLogic, a secure enterprise file sharing and syncing solutions provider, is all about responding quickly to customer demands for product features. On September 13th, Acronis announced it had acquired GroupLogic.
In our previous installment of this interview series, we examined how GroupLogic engages in “customer development” in lieu of product development to integrate customer-driven innovations into its products. In part 4, we take a look at GroupLogic’s strategic partnerships with other companies to create products that fulfill very specific needs for customers.

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Customer-Driven Innovations in Enterprise File Share and Sync; Interview with GroupLogic, Part III

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What happens when the market moves so fast that premeditated product development often can’t keep up? When extensive planning can lead to products that are out of date or irrelevant as soon as they are released? This is the dilemma GroupLogic faces in the enterprise file share and sync marketplace, where many companies have been building their own solutions–including customizing free and freemium solutions–to handle needs that out-of-the-box products simply don’t address.

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Locking Down the Enterprise Cloud while Keeping It Simple and Easy to Use; Interview with GroupLogic, Part II

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In part 2, we continue our discussion with GroupLogic’s Anders Lofgren, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, by exploring licensing options and how the enterprise mobility space has opened up a new market for the company. As well, we dig deeper into activEcho and learn how it is designed to provide flexible and secure file-sync-and-sharing in the enterprise IT organization while being as simple and easy to use as one of the most popular–but unsecure–consumer grade file-sync-and-share cloud services today.

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To the Exabyte and Beyond!: Cleversafe and Mezeo Partner to Provide Cost-Effective Security and Limitless Scale; Interview with Cleversafe VP of Products and Marketing, Russ Kennedy

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Corporate data making its way to public clouds through the use of consumer-based or department selected tools, is a growing concern for many organizations. So is the cost of backup and storage of ever-increasing volumes of data. Cleversafe and Mezeo Software offer solutions to address these concerns, and the two companies recently partnered to provide information technology (IT) managers with an enterprise-class secure file-sync-and-share solution combined with a limitless-scale data storage solution.

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Halting Mobile Mayhem: Dell and Mezeo Partner to Keep Corporate Data off the Public Cloud; Interview with Dell Enterprise Storage Solutions’ Sr. Product Marketing Managers Yatin Chalke and Sarah Doherty

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Many organizations are discovering that their users, via a proliferation of wireless devices, and easy access to consumer-based storage clouds, are precariously storing corporate data on pubic clouds. Addressing this growing problem, Dell recently certified Mezeo Software, a provider of the storage services layer for cloud-scale applications, as a partner in the Dell DX Object Storage Technology Partner Program.

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GroupLogic Cash Flow Positive Prior to Release of activEcho for File-Sync-and-Share

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Earlier this year, DCIG interviewed the executive team at GroupLogic. GroupLogic shared with us how they approach the market for “enterprise file sharing” or what DCIG has been calling File-Sync-and-Share. In addition, we had the privilege of talking to Chris Broderick, CEO of GroupLogic who covered some of the company’s history.

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Private Cloud File-Sync-and-Share for Data Leakage Protection

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Organizations choosing file-sync-and-share solutions are presented with many options. Buyers and sellers are inquiring with DCIG about “Enterprise Dropbox” options. A popular request is what to look for when selecting a solution. Enterprises and consumers require enhanced features beyond the ease of use and standard consumer capabilities; they require something that these public cloud solutions cannot deliver – security and control.

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Competing as an “Other” in Vertical Markets; Interview with Rorke Data VP of Sales, Bob Herzan, Part I

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Rorke Data provides storage solutions and outsourcing services to high-end vertical markets such as medical imaging and surveillance. In this interview, VP of Sales Bob Herzan explains how Rorke Data competes with traditional storage companies by fitting into an “other” market segment by offering tier-one features at tier-two pricing. The company also provides evaluation products and a lab where its value-added resellers can conduct proof of concept trials.

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What vendors and products are supported by your storage guides?

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HP 3PAR F400 Aberdeen LLC AberNAS 260 Series Aberdeen LLC AberNAS 360 Series Aberdeen LLC AberSAN Z20 Aberdeen LLC AberSAN Z30 Aberdeen LLC AberSAN Z50 Aberdeen XDAS D32H Aberdeen XDAS D42F Arena-Maxtronic, Inc SS8801R Celeros SmartSAN XT23S-iSCSI Celeros XT23S-FC Dell Compellent Storage Center Model 40 Dell EqualLogic PS6000/6100 Series Dell PowerVault MD3200i/MD3220i Dell PowerVault NX3000 D-Link, Inc. DSN-2100-10 D-Link, Inc. DSN-3200-10 D-Link, inc. DSN-3400-10 D-Link, Inc. DSN-5110-10 D-Link, Inc. DSN-5210-10 D-Link, Inc. DSN-5410-10 Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3730 Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3720 Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3723 Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3733 Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3920 Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3930 Dot Hill AssuredSAN 5730 Dot Hill Systems Corp. AssuredSAN 2300 Series Dot Hill Systems Corp. AssuredSAN 2700 Series Drobo B1200i Drobo B800fs Drobo B800i EMC AX4 EMC VNX5100 EMC VNX5300 EMC VNX5500 EMC VNX5700 EMC VNX7500 EMC VNXe 3100 EMC VNXe 3300 EMC VNXe3100 EMC VNXe3300 HDS AMS 2100 HDS AMS 2300 HDS AMS 2500 Hewlett Packard HP P2000 G3 10GbE iSCSI Hewlett…

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Private Cloud File-Sync-and-Share for Enterprises

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Innovation in the file-sync-and-share market segment of cloud storage is being driven by consumer adoption of public cloud storage technologies. Consumers require enhanced features such as versioning, commenting and one-click file sharing with partners, customers and coworkers. Those features are often delivered without regard to enterprise security, storage and system requirements.

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