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AWS Cloud Backup Large Enterprise

2022-23 DCIG TOP 5 AWS Cloud Backup Solutions Large Enterprise Edition Report

OMAHA, Neb., (August 30th, 2022) – DCIG is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the 2022-23 DCIG TOP 5 AWS Cloud Backup Solution Large Enterprise Edition report. This DCIG report evaluated the features of fifteen solutions across five different categories that provide backup for AWS. This report provides guidance on the TOP 5 solutions organizations should consider for protecting applications, data, and workloads hosted in AWS. The report is available at no charge with registration

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Hybrid Cloud Products Maturing to Become Hybrid Multi-cloud

Many data protection and data storage providers highlight and promote their products’ hybrid cloud capabilities. However, their products continue to evolve to deliver more robust cloud functionality. As they do, the term ‘hybrid cloud’ fails to fully capture their increased functionality. Many have become hybrid multi-cloud offerings that manage, support, and work across multiple different providers’ clouds.

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Cloud Backup

2022 Recommendations for Holistic Cloud Backup

More organizations than ever host their production workloads and data with general-purpose cloud providers with many choosing AWS, at least to start. However, as organizations go to protect these workloads and data, they uncover a new reality. Their cloud backup software needs differ significantly when compared to selecting an on-premises backup offering. This requires they select offerings that match these needs.

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3 Offerings that Make Rapid Recovery Attainable

Organizations have always generally cared about their ability to recover backup data. However, the advent of ransomware has cast a new spotlight on it. Organizations must now prioritize recovering their workloads and data in the time and to the point their business requires. To do that, they may need to implement up to three (3) different rapid recovery offerings.

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HYCU Takes in Another $53M to Further Accelerate Enterprise SaaS-based Backup Adoption

Enterprises want and need to move ahead with SaaS-based backup offerings to simplify their backup environment. However, enterprises loathe risk. This means they will make even an established enterprise SaaS-based backup provider prove itself before implementing its offering. Thanks to its latest $53 million dollar investment, HYCU may more expeditiously address their concerns so enterprises may implement SaaS backup sooner rather than later.

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Cloud Backup

3 Factors that Drive AWS Cloud Backup Decisions

Every organization that hosts production workloads or data in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud should take steps to protect them. This explains why organizations continue to perform backups in AWS. However, their ability to do AWS cloud backups well long term may hinge on three factors.

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