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Author: Jerome M. Wendt

Cyber Security and Resilience Redefining Today’s 100+ Disk-based Backup Target Models

Until quite recently organizations largely defined disk-based backup targets by three characteristics. How fast they backed up data, their data deduplication ratios, and the data protection protocols they offered and/or supported. While these attributes still matter, organizations increasingly prioritize new cyber security and resilience features when acquiring disk-based backup targets.

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Fortifying the Microsoft Stack: A Webinar Featuring DCIG and Acronis

Most organizations already run Microsoft OSes on-premises and must support and protect the applications and data hosted on them. However, many more already use Microsoft 365 with a growing number of these organizations hosting applications and data in Microsoft Azure. This diversity puts new pressure on IT within organizations and managed service providers (MSPs) that support them. They must secure these multiple Microsoft platforms and protect the applications and data hosted on them. In this webinar, DCIG’s Principal Data Protection Analyst, Jerome Wendt, joins Acronis to discuss these challenges and how to respond to them.

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Cyber Security Advancements for NonStop Backup and Storage Management: A Webinar with DCIG and ETI-NET

Organizations that need continuous business and 100 percent fault tolerance in their on-premises IT environments continue to turn to HPE NonStop systems. However, even NonStop systems face new threats from ransomware attacks. These threats demand that organizations put in place a robust data protection solution behind their NonStop deployment. To discuss this challenge and how ETI-NET BACKBOX with Integrated QoreStor can help, DCIG’s Principal Data Protection Analyst, Jerome Wendt, joins with ETI-NET’s Director, Mike Mitsch, and Pyalla Tech’s CEO, Richard Buckle, for a webinar on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, at 11 am EDT.

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DCIG Initiating Research into Cyber Secure Backup Targets

DCIG last formally researched, evaluated, and published a report on deduplicating backup targets in 2018 when it still produced Buyer’s Guides. Since then, the features that organizations expect backup targets to possess, and deliver, have evolved significantly. Organizations specifically expect these backup targets to offer specific cyber secure features that help them protect backups and recover from ransomware.

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5 Key Backup Solution Features to Protect Against and Recover from Ransomware Attacks

Anyone who believes their organization remains impervious to ransomware after the recent attack on the MGM Resorts, I hope you are right! However, if this attack has finally prompted you to act, or at least reaffirm the security actions you have already taken work properly, then read on. This latest ransomware attack illustrates that hackers continue to employ ever more ingenious approaches to conduct attacks. Yet as they do, five core features found in many backup solutions will, if properly and comprehensively deployed, provide organizations a viable path forward for data protection and restores.

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Final Observations and Thoughts from My Vacation in Recife, Brazil

I officially arrived back in the United States this past Sunday morning after a 2-week vacation in Recife, Brazil. During that time, I experienced both the weather and the food in Recife as I shared in my two previous blog entries about this trip. However, during my last week in Recife, I got out to see more of Recife beyond just the mile or two near the AirBnB where I stayed. Here are my final observations and thoughts from my recent trip.

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NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Putting the NIST Cybersecurity Framework into Context

Many if not all IT providers openly support and endorse the NIST Cybersecurity Framework published in 2018. While laudable, supporting and endorsing an industry standard does not automatically equate to their products delivering on these standards. If anything, organizations should exercise caution as to what any IT provider’s support of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework really means and how it applies to the solutions they offer.

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Stray Horses and the Omaha Hamburgueria

I travel quite a bit around the US and, lately, even around the world, in my role as a principal analyst and CEO for DCIG. However, my experiences on my current trip to Recife, Brazil, are a little outside of the norm as I am staying in Recife, Brazil, in an AirBnB that primarily targets Portuguese-speaking Brazilians. This has forced me to know at least some Portuguese to operate (i.e., buy and order food and hail Ubers.) Further, my experiences with stray horses and the Omaha Hamburgueria may not align with what one might expect if staying at a resort specifically targeted at English-speaking tourists.

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TOP 5 Observations (So Far!) from My Current Trip to Recife, Brazil

This week and next I find myself in the northeast part of Brazil in the coastal city of Recife. My oldest son’s engagement to a wonderful woman from this part of the world sparked my interest in coming here. She does plan to move to the United States once she completes the immigration process. However, my wife and I wanted to better understand her background and culture of Brazil. To do so, we came to Brazil to visit her. Having now stayed here about a week, here are my TOP 5 general observations so far from my current trip to Recife, Brazil.

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