Author: James Koopmann

Backing up an Oracle Database – Putting Vendor Backup Software Solutions Under the Microscope

Backing up an Oracle database used to be the sole responsibility of database administrators. This mundane task was often performed in the back alleys of corporate IT, not gaining much notoriety, and as such was often considered to be an easy task for DBAs. The truth of the matter is that backing up an Oracle database has gone through many changes in the last 30 years and has always been met with some uncertainty.

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Solix ExAPPS Brings New Relief to Application Retirement Anxiety

Considering that many enterprise organizations have numerous applications spread across many server platforms with numerous database servers on the backend, the value of decommissioning these application servers quickly becomes evident. However application retirements go beyond just the hardware and software costs. Maintaining and managing the infrastructures needed to support legacy applications takes expertise, often specialists.

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COPAN Systems tops the news

On top of the storage news this week we saw the demise of COPAN Systems; or did we? It really isn’t quite clear as to what has been going on over at COPAN as we have yet to get any confirmation from within the industry. Bill Mottram, a managing partner at Veridictus Associates, and fellow Coloradan such as myself, was unable to contact the Colorado company for comment. Concrete information is hard to find regarding COPAN but we were able to put a few pieces together from across the social sphere:

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Zero is Thin Provisioning’s New Calling Card

Since many companies have not had this luxury of starting off thin, 3PAR has, in today’s announcement, released four new products that will make it easier for companies to adopt thin provisioning even if they are already using fat volumes and then stay thin. The

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HP Versus Dell: It’s Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

This blog entry contains a series of questions DCIG posed to Andy Johnson, OEM Product Manager at Bell Micro. Andy maintains a business development role for Bell Micro and has responsibility for Bell Micro’s branded solutions with a strong focus on Bell Micro’s HP relationship. In this interview, Andy gives us insight into how Bell Micro is working with HP to satisfy the OEM market and in particular how Bell Micro and HP provide solutions that differentiate it from the competition.

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Driving Down Development Costs Calls for A New Model Based on End-to-End Linux Support

One can hardly argue against the success of Linux. User and developer communities such as The Linux Foundation and The Linux Developer Network attest to the success and steadily increasing set of robust development tools and user communities. And while Linux is still free, many large distributors, companies such as Dell, IBM, HP, and Sun Microsystems, have latched onto its benefits by creating business models that support selling, supporting and contributing to the Linux free software and open source initiatives.

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