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The Real World PST Problem and How to Deal with It; Executive Interview with C2C Systems CTO Ken Hughes Part VI

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Everyone frequently talks about archiving data when they know the make-up of the data is and where it is located. But what no one want to discuss is the more common real-world problem of not even knowing where data is so it may be archived – especially as it pertains to Outlook PST files. In this sixth and final blog entry in my interview series with C2C Systems’ CTO Ken Hughes, he talks about the real world problem of finding and archiving PST files in organizations and how ArchiveOne takes that into account in its architecture.

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Synchronizing Archival Data Stores in the Cloud; Interview with C2C Systems CTO Ken Hughes Part V

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One of the most common initial use cases for cloud storage is for the storage of archival data. However that does not mean every organization is quite ready to move all of their archival data to the cloud or, what they do move to the cloud, trust the cloud to be available to provide access to the data when they need it. In this fifth blog entry in my interview series with C2C Systems’ CTO Ken Hughes, he talks about the importance of having access to cloud storage repositories for archival data and the advantages of keeping on-premise and data in the cloud synchronized.

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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) eDiscovery: Good Idea or Train Wreck Waiting to Happen?

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Over the past several years, the concept and associated technology to support Do-It-Yourself (DIY) eDiscovery has emerged within the litigation services and technology market as an approach that can increase productivity, provide users with more control over the process and ultimately reduce the overall cost of eDiscovery. Although there are use cases that prove the value of DIY eDiscovery, some people contend that DIY eDiscovery is not legally defensible. Others point to “headline” cases that suggest DIY eDiscovery can turn into a train wreck.

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Tips to Doing Search and Establishing Data Ownership; Executive Interview with C2C Systems CTO Ken Hughes Part IV

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Doing searches across unstructured data stores and understanding who owns this data are emerging as higher priorities in today’s Big Data era. However archiving software can vary greatly in how it performs these tasks of search and assigning data ownership. In this fourth blog entry in my interview series with C2C Systems’ CTO Ken Hughes, he examines how C2C performs search across distributed email and file systems and what techniques it employs to establish data ownership.

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Steps to Making the Defensible Destruction of ESI a Reality in 2013

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The volume of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for most enterprises continues to grow with no end in sight. Storing and managing all ESI is overwhelming from an operational standpoint, increases legal liability and is cost prohibitive. Therefore, the question for the enterprise is what ESI should the Enterprise keep and what ESI can it legally depose of?

Historically known as data retention policy, the focus in 2012 and beyond is on defensible data destruction. Enterprises are no longer legally able to just destroy whatever ESI they no longer want to keep.

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Managing Data Deletion at a Granular Level; Executive Interview with C2C Systems CTO Part III

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Most companies recognize the benefits of deleting data when it no longer serves any business purpose or when it legal requirements to retain it have been met. However the act of deleting data still gives many organizations pause. In this third blog entry in my interview series with C2C Systems’ CTO Ken Hughes, he discusses C2C’s policy management features and the granular ways in which users may manage deletion in their data stores.

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New Generation eDiscovery Software Increases Knowledge Worker Productivity and Enables Defensible Data Destruction

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In today’s information based world economy, Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is the new lifeblood that enterprises use to power mission-critical operations and drive strategic business decisions. Stored in multiple geographic locations across the world in different file formats across multiple technologies and growing exponentially every day, management of ESI has become a major operational challenge for many enterprises worldwide. As the volume of ESI continues to grow, many enterprises have become overwhelmed and are no longer able to effectively identify, collect, analyze and produce the relevant ESI their knowledge workers require to fulfill legal and governance requirements and drive business success.

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Predictive Analytics across the Enterprise: From eDiscovery to DoJ Second Requests to Proactive Protection of Intellectual Property

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The accelerating increase in the volume of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is resulting in knowledge workers reaching a point where they may not be able to utilize traditional data management and analytic technology and processes to keep pace. However, the increases in knowledge worker productivity and decreases in eDiscovery costs made possible by predictive analytic technology are coming to the point where they are applicable to other knowledge management tasks within the enterprise.

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Overriding Desire is for Archiving to Deliver eDiscovery and Information Management; C2C Systems Executive Interview Part II

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The purpose of archiving is becoming more than simply facilitating smaller email stores, faster response times or better use of expensive storage capacity. The growing driver behind archiving is to enable organizations to implement information governance. In this second blog entry in my interview series with C2C System’s CTO Ken Hughes, Ken explains eDiscovery and retention management are becoming the new driving forces behind archiving and why C2C’s ArchiveOne is so well positioned to respond to that trend.

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Exchange Administrators Need a Consistent Interface for Email Archiving; Interview with C2C Systems CTO Ken Hughes Part I

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Archiving is emerging as one of the hot new trends of the next decade with organizations looking for better ways to manage their Big Data stores. Perhaps nowhere is data growth more rampant – and the need for better ways to manage it – more evident than with corporate email stores. In this blog entry, I begin an interview series with C2C System’s CTO Ken Hughes in which we initially discuss C2C’s focus on Microsoft Exchange and which size environments C2C’s products are best positioned to handle.

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Legal Precedents Put Computer Assisted eDiscovery on Course to Broader Enterprise Acceptance

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Faced with the accelerating increase in the volume of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and the emergence of the concept of Big Data, enterprises worldwide need next generation IT systems to fulfill their corporate compliance, information governance and eDiscovery requirements to process and analyze all of this data. It is in response to this demand and the result of recent legal precendents that Technology Assisted Review (TAR), also known as Predictive Coding or Computer Assisted eDiscovery, is emerging as a legally viable and court-recognized option.

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New Enterprise Application Market Place Apps Giving Custom Built and Commercial Software the Boot

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Many businesses either rely on in-house custom software or purchase and customize commercial software packages to meet their mission critical business needs. Unfortunately these approaches are failing to meet the needs of enterprises as they demand faster development and deployment times for these apps. To address that challenge, a new group of vendors in the cloud promises to improve these mediocre mission critical business processes by speeding up development/deployment cycles while reducing the total cost of ownership of enterprise applications.

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Technology Emerges as Key Competitive Advantage in Legal Practice at ILTA 2012

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I spend the last 3 days walking the exhibit hall and meeting with technology vendors at the 2012 International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Conference held August 26-30, 2012 at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center in Washington, D.C. ILTA is the premier peer networking organization, providing information to members to maximize the value of technology in support of the legal profession. As such, ITLA’s annual conference is a great place to talk to most of the technology vendors targeting the legal market, see demos of their technology offerings, listen to presentations from industry experts and judge the current status of the evolution of technology adoption within the legal community.

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Accellion Private Cloud File-Sync-and-Share Enables Access to Microsoft SharePoint and Autonomy iManage

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Today’s quickly evolving cloud environment pushes employees to store sensitive information in a variety of public cloud file-sync-and-share solutions such as Box, iCloud, Google Drive and DropBox. This evolution of private and public file-sync-and-share solutions creates an environment where an organization’s security and compliance goals are at risk.

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Virtual Federated Data Stores are an Attractive Alternative to Massive Central Data Stores

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An integrated and centralized data store model that enables stakeholders from throughout an organization to harvest and analyze data on the same platform continues to be the goal of many organizations from the Global 2000 as they strive to address the requirements of Big Data. However, with today’s decentralized and cloud based storage systems and data storage requirements for the Global 2000 reaching the petabyte and even exabyte levels, massive centralized single data store infrastructures with single points of failure such as Apache Hadoop may not the most effective long term solution.

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Answering the Question, “Is Your Data Safe in the Public Cloud?”

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The risks associated with using popular social media platforms are well documented. Fortunately, businesses worldwide are quickly evolving their understanding of the risks of what information should and should not be communicated or shared by employees via the various social media platforms. However, these same businesses may be at an even greater risk of exposing proprietary and confidential information by their employees through the use of public cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox.

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DCIG Announces the Industry’s First, Most Comprehensive DCIG 2012 Early Case Assessment Software Buyer’s Guide

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Today DCIG and eDiscovery Solutions Group are pleased to jointly announce the availability of a new DCIG Buyer’s Guide, the DCIG 2012 Early Case Assessment Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks 25 software tools that help law firms, litigators and organizations reduce their overall cost of eDiscovery. This Buyer’s Guide gives these entities the resources they need to assist them to quickly complete what is typically a very arduous and time-consuming process: selecting the right ECA software that matches their specific requirements.

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Symantec Reveals Businesses Worldwide are Struggling with Protecting and Managing their $1.1 Trillion Annual Investment in Digital Information

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The results of the inaugural Global State of the Information Survey are in and they reveal that businesses worldwide are struggling with protecting and managing the $1.1 trillion investment they are required to make in digital information to remain competitive. Commissioned by Symantec, the survey of 4,506 organizations of various sizes in 48 different countries reveals that digital information now makes up 49 percent of organization’s total value with accompanying new challenges and liabilities that cannot be ignored.

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Virsto Makes SSDs Sing; Interview with Virsto Software CEO Davis Part IV

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Everyone sings the praises of how great and wonderful private cloud infrastructures are and what a difference maker solid state disks (SSDs) are. However Virsto has found that its software provides some of the secret ingredients needed to make private cloud infrastructures easy to manage and what it really takes to make SSDs sing. Today I complete my interview series with Virsto’s CEO, Mark Davis, about what Virsto offers to bring out the best in private cloud infrastructures and SSDs.

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