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HYCU Embraces Gen AI to Build Universal SaaS Protection 

The pace of technology evolves so fast it’s often difficult for sellers and users to keep up. The most successful IT companies constantly change to meet evolving market demands and take advantage of the latest technologies. In today’s world, that means capitalizing on Gen AI.

HYCU’s Broad Data Protection Reach

SaaS data protection vendor HYCU has proven adept at adapting to serve its customers and partners. Founded in 2018, HYCU began by providing backup for hyper-converged infrastructure pioneer Nutanix. It expanded its capabilities to cloud backup and now also sells a universal backup platform for SaaS applications. HYCU read the market as its customers moved from on-premises to cloud to SaaS applications and made sure to keep up with the IT trends to meet their needs.  

HYCU protects the likes of AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and VMware along with Nutanix. And now it harnesses generative AI, or Gen AI, as an enabling technology to protect hundreds of SaaS apps with its R-Cloud platform. 

R-Cloud’s low-code approach allows it to go far beyond protection for Microsoft 365 and Salesforce SaaS apps that many backup vendors only support. There are now thousands of SaaS apps and large companies often rely on hundreds of them across their organizations. Users are often surprised to learn customer and configuration data are not protected by these SaaS apps. While data protection vendors will protect the most popular SaaS apps, it’s difficult to meet the demands of all of them.  

HYCU Embraces Anthropics’ AI Assistant Claude

HYCU embraced Gen AI by integrating Anthropics‘ AI assistant Claude to create what it calls “universal” SaaS protection. It also built out its SaaS protection ecosystem with developers, integrators, and the major public cloud providers as partners. This helps HYCU and partners create data protection for the wide ranges of SaaS apps on the market. 

HYCU Anthropic Resized

HYCU leverages Anthropic’s Gen AI technology to speed SaaS application integration and development on the R-Cloud platform. The combination of Anthropic AI and HYCU’s data protection IP allows partners to easily integrate SaaS data protection, reducing development time from days to hours.

This simplicity can prove valuable to SaaS integration and development partners, managed service providers and VARs to build SaaS protection for their customers. HYCU combined its data protection with Anthropic by training Anthropic’s Claude 2 AI model to work with HYCU’s data. Claude 2 can understand nuances of compliance, encryption, and recovery protocols specific to the R-Cloud platform.  

Anthropic helps turn R-Cloud into an intelligent, responsive, and adaptable development environment. Anthropic’s AI is built into R-Scout, HYCU’s Gen AI assistant that helps users deploy R-Cloud by providing best practices, content-aware suggestions, and automation of tasks.  

HYCU Delivers on Promise of Low-code Development

When launching its R-Cloud data-protection-as-a-service (DPaaS) in Feb. 2023, HYCU promised to deliver rapid releases on the low-code development platform. Anthropic’s Gen AI helps HYCU fulfill that promise. HYCU supports popular SaaS applications though its own marketplace while providing a single management view of protected apps and data. ISVs can use the platform to build HYCU-based data protection for SaaS apps. 

In the year since R-Cloud launched, HYCU has added 120 releases from engineering. It now protects 64 data sources and 17 new public cloud services. HYCU has also added 70 development and resell partners since launch. So far it has built integrations with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Jira Software, Confluence, Trello, Okta, Terraform, Asana, DocuSign and others. These integrations are available through the HYCU R-Cloud Marketplace. 

Anthropic isn’t HYCU’s only close partnership for SaaS protection. HYCU investors Atlassian and Okta were R-Cloud partners since launch. HYCU has a robust Atlassian Cloud partner ecosystem, with 30 signed partners and 52 trained champions since the partner program was put into effect in mid-2023. 

R-Cloud development partners include SADA, iManage, Blackburn Labs, Avisi and iShift. 

AI ChipHYCU is also looking to protect data and configurations of AI services such as vector databases. R-Cloud provides one-click backups, granular restores, ransomware protection and data compliance for AI infrastructure, offering rapid restore of indexes and vectors for Pinecone and databases and strings for Redis Cloud. 

R-Cloud gives users one platform to set up policies to back up individual SaaS applications. HYCU automatically discovers any new SaaS application added. R-Cloud provides a single dashboard for managing all of an organization’s SaaS protection 

HYCU prices R-Cloud by the number of users protected. Pricing varies slightly by app, but the average is around $2 per user. 

Gen AI Assuming a Larger Role in Data Protection

DCIG expects to see Gen AI play a larger role throughout data protection in 2024.  HYCU competitors will also use Gen AI to generate code, optimize management tasks, generate reports, and make recommendations for cyber threat protection.  A few already use Gen AI in similar ways. While HYCU has an early mover advantage, DCIG expects to see continued AI use cases introduced in 2024 as companies look to take advantage of what Gen AI has to offer.  


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