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Webinar – Software-Defined Infrastructure: Transform & Secure IoT & Big Data Environments


Learn how businesses use Hitachi Vantara’s software-defined object storage to transform and secure IoT and big data environments.

Join DCIG analysts Ken Clipperton and Todd Dorsey, and Tanya Loughlin, Director of Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio Product Marketing at Hitachi Vantara, on Thursday, December 15th, 2022, at 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time, to discuss the benefits of ‘Software-Defined Infrastructure: Transform & Secure IoT & Big Data Environments.”

Unstructured Data Growth Challenges

Managing unstructured data effectively is a significant IT challenge. Enterprises are facing unprecedented cost, complexity, and scalability challenges as expanding volumes of unstructured data overwhelm data centers and branch offices.

Public cloud object storage has brought tremendous advantages for storing unstructured data and providing value-added services. It is little surprise that the cloud storage market reflects a 24% compound annual market growth rate. However, the public cloud also brings challenges of costs, security, governance, and latency.

Concurrent with the growth of unstructured data and public cloud services is a shift where the data center has extended beyond the walls of the enterprise to the cloud and the edge. As a result, enterprises are investing in their data centers to manage data growth while using object storage in a ‘cloud-everywhere’ model to reduce complexity, blend data sources, and extract business insights.

Webinar Highlights

This live webinar will explore and discuss:

  • Real-world best practices for Big Data Analytics and IoT environments
  • Strategies to cut through the noise and ambiguity of complex cloud problems to deliver secure, simple, and scalable cloud and data management solutions.
  • Modern approaches to consuming storage across IoT and big data environments for faster and more accurate insights, savings, increased employee productivity, and improved customer experience.
  • S3 cloud platform use cases: Data science, test/dev, streaming, video analytics, genomic sequencing, and CAD/CAM.
  • DCIG’s storage analysts will highlight why DCIG recognized the Hitachi Content Platform as a DCIG TOP 5 Software-defined Object Storage Solution and recommend it for software-defined data center initiatives where diverse data-source connectors, advanced search analytics, metadata enrichment, and automation are needed.

Register for the December 15th webinar by following the link below.

Software-Defined Infrastructure: Transform & Secure IoT & Big Data Environments


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