Acronis True Image Provides Peace of Mind Even in 2020

The year 2020 has been unsettling in many ways, including disruptions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, some bad actors have used the sudden work-from-home transition to launch a wave of cyberattacks. Happily, the good guys are also hard at work. With ongoing enhancements to the product, Acronis True Image provides peace of mind even in 2020.
Acronis did not pay me to write this article, nor did they provide me with special pricing for True Image.

Acronis True Image Integrates Backup and Cybersecurity

In March, I wrote about my experience testing solutions for Cyber Resilience at Home. As I discussed in that article, my primary work computer’s motherboard and its hard drive failed a week after I began using Acronis True Image. I used the Acronis Survival Kit and True Image backups to accelerate the recovery from that failure. Since that time, I have used True Image to recover files from the Acronis Cloud and found the process to be pleasingly fast and straightforward.
I selected Acronis True Image primarily for its anti-ransomware capabilities, enabled through on-site and off-site backups, and full-image backup and restore capabilities. Since that time, Acronis has released True Image 2021 which adds another layer of protection and meaningful product enhancements.

Peace of Mind Through Real-time Active Protection

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The most significant enhancement Acronis provides in the 2021 edition of its software is real-time active protection from ransomware. Acronis now integrates real-time antimalware based on behavioral heuristics and on-demand signature-based antivirus scans.
Other new active protection features include web filtering that automatically blocks access to malicious websites, and videoconference protection that prevent malware injection attacks during Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams meetings.
True Image’s ability to recover from a ransomware incident is crucial to avoiding a catastrophe. Its new active protection features go a long way toward eliminating the need to recover data. This enables productivity by avoiding work disruptions.

Meaningful Efficiency Enhancements

Acronis also delivered meaningful efficiency enhancements in True Image 2021. For example, if a replication to the cloud job gets interrupted, the software can now resume replication from the point of interruption rather than re-sending the entire set of files. This saves on Internet bandwidth and reduces the timeframes where replications compete with other uses.
True Image includes the ability to validate backups. The new version can complete these validations much more quickly.
Acronis also improved VM protection. True Image can now mount, move, and rename archives. It can even convert an archive to .vhd format and run it as a virtual machine.

Productivity and Peace of Mind

For those of us who will continue to work from home for months to come, True Image’s ransomware prevention and recovery capabilities enhance both productivity and peace of mind… even in 2020.
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