HYCU Continues Its March Towards Becoming the Default Nutanix Backup Solution

Any time a new operating system platform comes to market, one backup solution tends to lead in providing a robust set of data protection features that companies can quickly, easily, and economically deploy. It happened with Unix. It happened with Windows and VMware. Now it is happening again with the Nutanix Acropolis operating system (AOS) as HYCU continues to make significant product enhancements in its march to become the default backup solution for Nutanix-centric environments.
I greatly respect any emerging technology provider that can succeed at any level in the hyper-competitive enterprise space. To compete and win in the enterprise market, it must execute simultaneously on multiple levels. Minimally, it must have solid technology, a compelling message, and competent engineering, marketing, management, sales, and support teams to back the product up. Nutanix delivers on all these fronts.
However, companies can sometimes overlook the value of the partner community that must simultaneously develop when a new platform such as Nutanix AOS comes to market. If companies such as HYCU, Intel, Microsoft, SAP and others did not commit resources to form technology alliances with Nutanix, it would impede Nutanix’s ability to succeed in the market place.
Of these alliances, Nutanix’s alliance with HYCU merits attention. While Nutanix does have technology alliances with other backup providers, HYCU is the only one of these providers that has largely hitched its wagon to the Nutanix train. As a result, as Nutanix goes, so largely goes HYCU.
Given that Nutanix continues to rock the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) market space, this bodes well for HYCU – assuming HYCU matches Nutanix’s pace of innovation step-for-step. Based upon the announcement that HYCU made at this week’s Nutanix .NEXT conference in Anaheim, CA, it is clear that HYCU fully understands the opportunities in front of it and capitalizes on them in its latest 4.0 release. Consider:

  • HYCU supports and integrates with Nutanix Mine beginning in the second half of 2019. Emerging data protection providers such as Cohesity and Rubrik have (rightfully) made a lot of noise about using HCI platforms (and especially theirs) for data protection use cases. In the face of this noise, HYCU, with its HYCU-X announcement in late 2018, grasped that it could use Nutanix to meet this use case. The question was, “Did Nutanix want to position AOS as a platform for data protection software and secondary enterprise workloads?

The short answer is Yes. The Nutanix Mine May 8 announcement makes it clear that Nutanix has no intention of conceding the HCI platform space to competitors that focus primarily on data protection. Further, Nutanix’s technology alliance with HYCU immediately pays dividends. Companies can select backup software that is fully integrated with the Nutanix AOS, obtaining it and managing it in almost the same way as if Nutanix had built its own backup software. Further, HYCU is the only data protection solution ready now to ship when Nutanix goes GA with Mine in the second half of 2019.

  • Manage HYCU through Nutanix Prism management interface. Nutanix Prism is the Nutanix interface used to manage Nutanix AOS environments. With the forthcoming release of HYCU 4.0, companies may natively administer HYCU through the Nutanix PRISM interface as part of their overall Nutanix AOS management experience.
  • Support for Nutanix Files. The scale-out characteristics of Nutanix make it very appealing for companies to use it for purposes other than simply hosting their VMs. Nutanix Files is a perfect illustration as companies can use Nutanix to host their unstructured data to get the availability, performance, and flexibility that traditional NAS providers increasingly struggle to deliver in a cost-effective manner.

HYCU 4.0’s support for Nutanix Files includes NFS support and changed file tracking. This feature eliminates the overhead of file system scans, automates protections of newly created VMs with a default policy, and should serve to accelerate the speed of incremental backups.

  • Protects physical Windows servers. Like it or not, physical Windows servers remain a fixture in many corporate environments and companies must protect them. To address this persistent need, HYCU 4.0 introduces protection for physical Windows servers so as companies look to adopt HYCU to protect their expanding Nutanix environment, they can “check the box”, so to speak, to extend their use of HYCU to protect their physical Windows environment.

The Nutanix Mine announcement represents yet another market place into which Nutanix will extend the reach of its AOS platform to provide a consistent, single cloud platform that companies may use. As Nutanix makes its Mine offering available, companies may note that Nutanix mentions multiple data protection providers who plan to come to market with solutions running on Nutanix Mine.
However, “running on Nutanix Mine” and “optimized and fully integrated with Nutanix” are two very different phrases. Of the providers who were mentioned by Nutanix that will run on Nutanix Mine, only HYCU has moved in lockstep with Nutanix AOS almost since HYCU’s inception. In so doing, HYCU has well positioned itself to become the default backup solution for Nutanix environments due to the many ways HYCU has adopted and deeply ingrained Nutanix’s philosophy of simplicity into its product’s design.

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