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Backup Features That Will Help You Win the Ransomware Wars

Detect. Protect. Recover. I often see those three words when someone discusses the best methods for companies to deal with the scourge of ransomware. But stringing three words together in a marketing slogan does not a solution make. While understanding the steps needed to protect oneself against ransomware is certainly a requirement, knowing what features that backup software should possess and which products possess those features are equally important.
Hearing the phrase “We have been infected by ransomware” from your IT administrator can send a shiver down the spine of almost any executive. Knowing that they may have to pay thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a password to decrypt their production data or risk never having access to it again is disheartening, at best, and devastating to the business at worst.
Yet being informed that one has been infected by ransomware does not need to be a calamity. Taking steps to detect, protect, and recover data can help take the sting out of a ransomware attack. The key is to have the right backup appliance in place should your security software fail to detect the ransomware and you must rely upon the “protect” and “recover” options to put your business back on its feet.
Confirming that you have the right backup solution in place requires that you:

  1. Know the features the backup appliance should possess to protect you against ransomware.
  2. Confirm that the backup software used by your organization supports those features.

DCIG has identified  key features that backup appliances should possess which include active detection of threats against backup media, alerting, automated recovery testing, and support for removable media among others. Then once you know what these features are, it is also very helpful if not imperative to know which backup appliances on the market support them.
DCIG has put together a short, two-page comparison report* that lists these features. This report also includes a snapshot of products from five different companies that shows whether they support these features.
This concise, easy-to-understand report provides you with an at-a-glance snapshot of which products support the key features that organizations need to protect and recover from ransomware attacks. The answer as to which product best satisfies these criteria may surprise you.
Access to this report* is limited to subscribers to the DCIG Competitive Intelligence Portal. However, Unitrends is currently providing complimentary access to the DCIG Competitive Intelligence Portal for end-users. Once registered and logged in, go to the “Buyer’s Guides” tab in the Portal and you may download this report as well as up to three DCIG Buyer’s Guides.
If you are an end-user and not already a subscriber, register now to get this report for free today to obtain the information you need to win the war against ransomware! Once you

* This report is only available for a limited time to subscribers of the DCIG Competitive Intelligence (CI) Portal. Individuals who work for manufacturers, resellers, or vendors must pay to subscribe to the DCIG CI Portal. All information accessed and reports downloaded from the DCIG CI Portal is for individual, confidential use, and may not be publicly disseminated.

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