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The Day of Delivering Actionable Analysis Has Arrived

To say that DCIG has been looking forward to 2014 for some time would be an understatement. While DCIG was founded in late 2007, the first six (6) years of its existence have been largely focused on putting in place a foundation for a new type of analyst firm with a new type of objective: Delivering analysis that is more relevant, accessible and actionable than anyone else can deliver. That day has now arrived and DCIG is celebrating its arrival in a number of ways.
First, DCIG is proud to introduce an entirely redesigned website with a new, more modern look. Our new website design takes into better account the tens of thousands of users who access the DCIG site every month through mobile devices such as tablets and phones. However it also continues to carry forward its strong legacy of providing in-depth, insightful analysis with meaningful content that has been a core component of DCIG’s website since its inception.
Second, DCIG is extending this new look and feel across all of its properties – from its websites to its Buyer’s Guides to its Interactive Active Buyer (IBG) portal to all of the analyst papers that it publishes. As DCIG content is created and released in 2014 it will sport this “new” DCIG look and feel.
Third, DCIG has created a new logo for its IBG as shown below. DCIG wanted to differentiate this offering from its other offerings by creating a logo that did a better job of inferring what the IBG delivered. In coming up with this logo, we relied heavily on the input of system and storage administrators who are in the field. What ultimately led to us to selecting this logo over the various ones we evaluated was their feedback that this logo implies that the IBG possesses drill down capabilities to examine specific product features in depth– which is exactly what we wanted the IBG logo to communicate.
Fourth, DCIG updated its tagline to also better communicate its new focus going forward. When DCIG started out, it wanted to communicate it was primarily an analyst firm that did outsourced blogging to help vendors better communicate their message and to give users a resource that they could use to get in-depth product information.
DCIG still provides blogging services but blogging is no longer DCIG’s sole focus. Since DCIG released its first Buyer’s Guide in 2010, DCIG’s core competency has evolved to deliver analysis to which the broader IT industry first looks to get in-depth product information and recommendations about technology solutions that they are looking to acquire. In light of this change in how organizations perceive DCIG, DCIG thought it was time to update its tagline to as follows:

Empowering the IT Industry with actionable analysis.

The fifth and final change that DCIG made is to announce its DCIG Research Services that is based upon its new IBG product offering. When DCIG first started offering the IBG, much of the initial feedback we got was, “This is a spectacular tool. I just wish that I had time to use it.

We took that feedback to heart. Using the DCIG Research Services, you do not need to set aside time to use it. Instead you can contact DCIG and have the analyst who led the research on a particular technology product actually create and send the report to you.  Now whether you are a vendor, reseller or end-user, you can access the right DCIG analyst and leverage him or her to create up to 30 custom DCIG reports annually. These reports provide head-to-head comparisons between products that you are looking to buy in different spaces. More importantly, they can provide product recommendations and then assist you in selecting and then generating the most appropriate report to support your buying decision and recommendation.

Whether you are looking to acquire a backup appliance, a private cloud storage array, virtual server backup software, mobile data management software, a midrange array, a tape library or any of the many other enterprise technologies that DCIG covers, you can get access to an analyst that can create and then deliver a detailed report with side-by-side comparisons to you – quite possibly while you are on the phone with them. If interested, send an email to to get a demo and learn more about how DCIG Research Services can assist you in your buying decision and reduce the time you spend researching new products as DCIG has already done the bulk of the work for you.

DCIG has been building toward this moment of making analysis more accessible and actionable since the day it was launched. That day has now arrived. Now whether you read DCIG blogs, Buyer’s Guides, its various research reports or use the DCIG IBG, you not only get the same look and feel across all of these properties, you more importantly get the facts and analysis you need to expedite and simplify your technology buying decision.


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