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The Imation RDX A8 Disk Library Addresses the Specific Vulnerabilities that Concern SMBs the Most

Today’s data centric world can leave small and midsize businesses (SMBs) feeling particularly vulnerable. As their focus tends to be more on providing services and products for their clients and less on protecting the data that they create and use, they can feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right solution to protect their data and recover their business. The new Imation RDX A8 Disk Storage Library is specifically intended to address these concerns that these SMBs possess.

In the last 20 years a fundamental shift has occurred in businesses in terms of what they classify as their most important asset. While no one disputes that the people who work at the company or that the services or products that the business offers remain important, data has become the lifeblood of every business. As such, it is an asset they need to protect and preserve for both their sake and the sake of their customers.

This is where a divergence occurs. While enterprise organizations may have the time, money and staff to dedicate to managing a data protection strategy, SMBs frequently do not. However SMBs now more than ever need the same type of reliable data protection solutions that enterprises possess that comes at a price they can afford and with the ease of implementation, flexibility and management features that they desire. It is these specific needs that the recently introduced RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library from Imation addresses.

The RDX A8 Disk Library uses RDX disk technology so it offers the best features of what both tape and disk possess. RDX technology is a removable disk cartridge with each RDX cartridge containing a 2.5″ hard disk drive (HDD) in a hardened, ruggedized case.  This cartridge withstands the rough handling and the occasional drop so they can be confidently shipped, couriered or carried without SMBs worrying about the integrity of the data on the cartridge.

By packaging disk as a cartridge, RDX provides the ease of deployment, shorter backup windows and high backup and recovery success rates that SMBs seek. But since it is a cartridge it still preserves the best features of what tape offers, namely data portability and infinite storage capacity.

One area where RDX technology offers an improvement over tape is in its multiple capacity sizes. While both RDX and tape cartridges have different capacity sizes, RDX cartridges differ in an important way: RDX cartridges are both forward and backward compatible so SMBs can use an appropriately sized RDX cartridge according to how much by data is backed up each night.

By way of example, DCIG recently spoke to a user that backs up about 100 GB of data each weekday night when doing his incremental backups and around 800 GB of data every weekend. So he could use a 160 GB RDX cartridge for his nightly incremental backups and a 1 TB RDX cartridge for his weekly full backup. Then as his nightly or weekly backup data requirements grow, he only has to do is replace his existing RDX cartridge with a new, larger capacity RDX cartridge that has sufficient capacity to handle the backup job.

The Imation RDX A8 Disk Library builds on these advantages of RDX technology. The “A8” in the Imation RDX A8 Disk Library name is derived from the eight (8) RDX slots found in each unit. Each of these slots may be collectively configured to emulate either eight individual LTO tape drives or eight folders that are presented as file shares on a corporate network. This enables SMBs to configure the RDX A8 Disk Library in a manner that is most appropriate for their backup environment.

The inclusion of eight slots on the RDX A8 was in part motivated by SMBs wanting to eliminate the daily handling of tape cartridges. By including eight RDX slots in the RDX A8 Disk Library four slots may be configured for nightly backups (Monday – Thursday) and the other four slots configured for the weekly full backups that occur each month.  This enables SMBs to theoretically reduce their need to handle cartridges to once a month. 

No organization ever wants to feel vulnerable. Yet the growth of data in all size environments coupled with the expertise and time required to successfully manage, protect and recover an organization’s data can leave SMBs feeling particularly vulnerable as they are not confident that their data is neither protected nor recoverable in today’s data centric world.

The Imation RDX A8 Hard Disk Storage Library changes that. By the RDX A8 Disk Library capitalizing on the strengths of the RDX (Removable Disk Technology) cartridge, SMBs get the benefits of both disk and tape with the simplicity and ease of management in a single solution. In so doing, they are able to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on protecting and recovering their data while freeing more time to focus on managing their business.


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