Arch Rivals within the Premier Football League Find Commonality in Back Office Backup

Despite what happens out on the pitch, the Premier League is experiencing a small awakening amongst its clubs – and some unexpected harmony – for their IT disaster recovery solutions. The challenges, demands and expectations to deliver a robust backup and recovery solution for these clubs is just as pronounced as any other corporate datacenter. However, faced with meeting the escalating salaries of their best football players, the IT staff often comes out on the short end in these organizations.

Teams in the Premier Football League often have a high public profile but their budgets are as tight as any other organization when it comes to data protection. This leaves them with a skeleton crew that is unable to meet the RTOs and RPOs with their existing backup infrastructure or purchase and manage state-of-art backup hardware and software. Without many options, some IT departments within the Premier League have responded to their shortage of expertise, hardware, and management skills by retaining the services of Backup Technology Limited (BTL) to help manage their data protection needs.

The Liverpool football club is a classic example of a team that had terrible problems managing its outdated  tape storage systems which resulted in unreliable data restores and constant headaches managing its backups. Among its biggest challenges was completing backups in an acceptable backup window. Liverpool’s rate of change for data and growing pool of data, especially when they factored in all of the video data that they needed to protect, made backup and recovery difficult to say the least. Exacerbating the situation, tapes were transported to an offsite location via a courier service. So if and when the Liverpool football club needed to restore data from those backup tapes, they first needed to place a call to that service.

It was into this environment that Backup Technology Limited (BTL) stepped in to lend the Liverpool football club a hand with its Information Recovery Management Platform – Asigra Televaulting.. With the use of Asigra’s Televaulting SaaS platform, BTL was able to completely alleviate Liverpool’s data protection pain points by providing:

  • Effective, affordable, and easy-to-manage solution for addressing the performance challenges caused by continuous growth in data
  • Agentless deployment and automatic self-healing with high backup and recovery success rates
  • Elimination of capital expenditures on storage infrastructure and wasted man hours

Following the success that Liverpool had with leveraging the leading backup technology solution available in the market that addresses all the strategic IT needs and gaining complete control of all backup operations, 7 of the other football clubs, including arch rival Everton, are now being protected by BTL’s solution. Regardless of the exact issues each of these clubs had with backup and recovery, the cycle that lead to complete datacenter protection and adoption of the BTL solution was the same.

Initially a club would start with a few file servers to backup email and/or some key applications. Once comfortable and acclimated with BTL services, clubs begin to add a few more servers. Soon they would add their ticketing systems, fan databases, critical application servers, and then video analysis. All said and done, these clubs are now letting BTL protect every single packet of data that resides on their production systems and when new servers are procured, the clubs have the confidence to let BTL take immediate control.

Clubs within the Premier Football League require reliable and highly available backup and recovery solutions just like any other organization but face the same challenges – implementing a backup solution that is cost effective with reliable, consistent results. So in the same way that the Premier League broke from the Football League and rose to become the top ranked sporting event in the world, clubs within the League are breaking away from legacy backup methods. In so doing, they are looking past inter-team rivalries and taking a play out of the Liverpool club playbook by leveraging the benefits of BTL’s Asigra Televaulting-based solution.

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