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InMage Systems’ Scout Extends Near-Real Time Recovery to Enterprise Servers

Corporate data centers can follow one of four paths when it comes to managing the backup and recovery of data on servers outside of the data center:

  • Pretend the data isn’t important and absolve themselves of the problem
  • Use traditional backup software and hope it is “good enough”
  • Try to match the level of data protection to the application’s requirements
  • Spend millions of dollars and provide high levels of data redundancy

Unfortunately none of these options is really an option anymore. New electronic discovery laws may require companies to search and produce data regardless of where it is located in the enterprise and retain it for specified amounts of time. Traditional backup software may not provide the frequency of backups or levels of recovery that companies need to adequately protect remote enterprise servers. Optimizing enterprise backups is a noble goal but is akin to boiling the ocean since it often accomplishes nothing and burns out the individual tackling the project. And who has millions of dollars to spend on protecting data whose value to the organization is dubious?

Yet user expectations for enterprise backup and recovery are now essentially the same regardless of where the server is located or what type of data it is. User expectations for near-real data recoveries (30 minutes or less) have increased in recent years due to advances in consumer technologies that provide near real time recovery. Now all enterprise users are beginning to expect – and in some cases demand – that their corporate IT department provide the same backup and recovery functions for their enterprise application data that is already available to home users.

So what is unique about InMage Systems’ Scout? Unlike other approaches, it delivers on these new expectations for the backup and recovery of enterprise servers for about the same cost as backup software. Some examples of what it does include:

  • Scout creates an entire recoverable image of the application server’s data on another server and keeps the data on disk. When recoveries are needed, an administrator can usually quickly restore the data and have the application operational in less than 30 minutes.
  • Scout tracks and stores all changes to the application data. Enterprise users can then pick from multiple points in time for recovery rather than just one specific point in time that once-a-day backups provide.
  • Scout can run concurrently with existing backup applications. Most IT administrators still are not comfortable with the notion of a complete rip-and-replace regardless of how bad their current backup software is. Scout can run side-by-side with current backup software for days, weeks or even months until administrators reach a comfort level that Scout can deliver on what is promised.
  • Scout provides both application recovery and disaster recovery. All companies are at least considering what it takes to recover from a disaster. Scout delivers both application and disaster recovery to provide companies a level of assurance that they can recover data locally or remotely.

Companies are at the point where they can no longer ignore the protection and retention of corporate data outsite of the data center but cannot afford to throw unlimited resources at the problem either. InMage Systems’ Scout provides the new type of approach to backup and recovery that companies now need without breaking the budget. It provides the immediate benefits of a higher level of application availability that enterprise users are coming to want and expect while putting companies in an excellent position to deliver an achievable disaster recovery plan for many of their enterprise applications.


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